Young Love

July 21, 2011
If you know me by now, you know how much I love Johnny Depp and Kate Moss (my last post on this young love couple), especially when they were an item. They were so young, free and confident. I love looking at old images of the pair! Their style and confidence inspires me constantly.

More images here

What do you think of this pair? Wish they were still together?



  1. i LOVE johnny depp
    i think i have to marry him. haha
    xx lot

  2. I know he is so cool and talented and charming and good looking. Perfect. But taken LOL! Thanks for your note will def check out your blog. Xx Stacy

  3. I am happy dat now hez sticking to his family...hes the best father I think!!

  4. Johnny still looks great but Kate did not age well..I think it was all the drugs she took..