My Dj Team!

October 5, 2011
I have written about my DJ team plenty of times in previous blog posts(past amazing DJ's and new DJ's), but I wanted to share with everyone HOW each Boy Meets Girl member got their DJ name and how I got the idea to name my team DJ names! In 2007 I had my first DJ lesson at Scratch DJ Academy. The first rule to DJing is you cannot start spinning until you create your DJ name. I loved this concept. In turn I came up with my DJ name: DJ Daisy Deesh and took my first lesson. I  thought this was such a good idea that I applied it to my team. In order to get in the grind and spin the craziness of the fashion get assigned a DJ name by me. And that is how it all started....


DJ Neilliekat (Kathryn)-Kat was one of the first I named and this was her nickname.
DJ London (Michelle) - I went to the same school in London that Michelle went to. Crazy!
DJ Midnight Manicure (Tara) -"Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day but luckily there is a place by me that does manicures late. Over the summer there was a night when I was getting a midnight manicure and was emailing back and forth with Stacy (while getting my nails done) and my DJ name happened from there!"- DJMM
DJ Sly (Taylor) - "I got my name for always getting things done in a sly manor"-DJ Sly
DJ Platform (Sam) -"I got my DJ name by rocking sky high platforms daily!"-DJ platform
DJ Flash (Sasha) - Sasha has a love for photography so thought this was perfect!
DJ Jackson (Katie) - DJ MM helped me with this. Katie is new and dove in and helped with NYFW madness and is also on the FIT dance team!
DJ Taurus (Mark) -we have the exact same birthday. Crazy!
DJ Webby Web- gave a group DJ name to my web team
Right Darryl from RUN D.M.C with me DJ Daisy Deesh and DJ Blue Steel and Founder of Scratch Rob Principe at the new office Scratch party Sept.2011

past DJ shoutouts
-DJ Taurus squared
-DJ Mocha M
-DJ sailing
-DJ Coffee
-DJ Sinster
(might be forgetting some amazing DJ's but thank you for being awesome to work with)

Check out this fun article Preneur did about me and my DJ playlist! 

Excited to share more with you on my DJ travels soon!



  1. All of this looks and sounds AMAZING! So fun!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


  2. Thanks for stopping by Davie+Erica! We all work hard but I make sure in the crazy grind we keep smiling! xo