Q&A with Jody Lee from Agoura High School!

October 28, 2011
This week I had the privilege of meeting an extremely talented High School student, Jody Lee from Agoura High School in LA. I can't tell you too much...but a little hint as to why Jody paid us a little visit: Boy Meets Girl(R) is teaming up with Jody's fashion class at her High School to do a joint design project this November (excited to tell you more details soon)!

She recently participated in a Teen Vogue/Oneill's contest where she designed, produced and marketed a dress and handbag for Oneill's! Talk about a talented young lady! She was picked out of 1000 applicants and was 1 out of 5 chosen for this project.

I just had to do a Q&A on this fabulous student. Jody is driven, smart and has a great head on her shoulders! It's so nice to see her High School provide such great opportunities and classes for those interested in a specific field (and yes my favorite field) :)

Jody and I in the showroom :)

1) How would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl® item?
I am absolutely in love with the Sanctuary top! I would style it with a short length brightly colored tank top underneath with a simple pair of shorts. I love how this top looks great buttoned or unbuttoned!

2) What causes and/or organizations do you support?
Because my mother is a victim of breast cancer, I support any breast cancer causes. Such causes include Young Survival Coalition, the American Cancer Society, and the Keep-a-Breast foundation. I also love what the Make-a-Wish foundation does since it is so personal and makes patients' dreams come true!

3) What is your favorite part of high school?
My favorite part of high school is that, unlike elementary or middle school, I can choose my own classes to my liking. At my school (Agoura High School) I have taken four Clothing Construction courses and I am enrolled in a Fashion Design and Merchandising class from my favorite teacher Mrs. Kim Speth, who is seriously the most amazing woman alive. These classes contribute to my passion for fashion! I also took Photography, Chinese, Dance, and Psychology which all really intrigued me and was to my benefit.

4) Favorite all time movie quote?
The first quote that comes into my mind is from Finding Nemo when Dory sings to Marlin to "Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'." Not only is it humorous in the way that she says it, but I realize that no matter what obstacles I experience in life, it is important to keep pushing forward and progress, although life may present discouraging occurrences.
Also, I'm on my school's Cross Country team and I find that saying this to myself in my mind while I run helps me a lot. Ironic,no?

5) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
Since this past week was my first time ever being in NYC, my favorite thing to do in NYC is just to simply wander around the busiest parts of the city. I love admiring how tall the buildings are; they make me feel tiny and youthful. Within a few subway stops I can view the Rembrandt collection at the Met, take a bite in Little Italy, and visit Alexander Wang's flagship store.

6) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?
I took a trip to Hong Kong this past summer and like New York City, the streets are filled with hustle and bustle. The city never sleeps. Neon lights illuminate the night. Chinese culture is present at every corner turned at. Adorable clothes are like 80% off what I usually pay for. My whole extended family is there as well so it's nice to be near them.

7) What’s your favorite..

Website? Social Networking: Tumblr and Blogspot. Everything else: Style.com

Book? The Great Gatsby, without a doubt.

Gadget? My iPod touch. I'm addicted to all the apps and stuff, but because I don't have internet access on it 24/7 it limits how often I use it.

Midnight Snack? Pasta pasta pasta. I'll mass cook pasta and just put it in the fridge for the next time I want a snack on pasta which can be at like 3am. I think this is a runner's thing. Or maybe just a weird Jody thing.

Guilty pleasure? Pretty Little Liars and pasta.

8) What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
I'm not one to spend great loads of money on apparel, but if I had to pick it'd probably be a long coat I purchased from H&M.

9) What’s your biggest purchase steal?
I literally just bought three sweaters from some sketchy vintage shop for two bucks each like fifteen minutes ago. I had to dig through the store, but it's so worth it. It's so like-new!

Jody making a wish in our wish wall!

I am so excited to share more with you all about this fun project we will be doing! More updates to come..and THANK YOU Jody and her teacher Kim Speth :)



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