Tip of the day for young designers!

October 12, 2011
My mom and I at my first trade show!

-Tips for young designers

1. Be prepared to work like you’ve never worked before.
2.  Being a talented designer is not enough. You need to learn how to be an effective marketer, networker, salesperson, service provider, writer, stylist, merchandiser and psychiatrist too.  
3.  Work with multiple vendors and never stop sourcing potential new ones.  It gives you leverage and protects you from catastrophes.
4. Last, but not least... BELIEVE!

I quickly learned the importance of hard work and customer service.  There are a lot of amazingly talented people in this world.  While you may not always be the most creative, charming or brilliant person in the room, you can be the hardest working and most dedicated -- that is something that is totally within your own control.  By working hard, my bosses took notice at my earlier jobs and my employees take notice now.  Its leadership by example and I think it fosters loyalty and camaraderie.

A young designers survival kit:
- Sketchpad // Moleskin notebook - to draw, write, or post what inspires you
- Totebag - to carry all these goodies in
- Pens // Pencils - To doodle away with in your sketch place
- Camera - to capture things that inspire you
- Needles and thread - for any last minute touch ups
- Phone charger - you never know when your phone might die

- A pins and needles holder - put your pins and needles somewhere so that they are accessible and not poking you!
- Planner or a phone with a great one - staying organized is super important to me and should be a priority to all aspiring designers.
- Vitamin C - Staying healthy is key to running my brand so these tablets are just one way to stay away from being sick.
- Luna // Protein bar - energy on the go!
- Lipstick - adds a little shine to your smile
- Mints - to spark some fresh breathe before you meet someone



  1. Thank you for your guidance!!! xoxo LoveJoylyn

  2. Jocelyn,
    I am happy to provide insight into my world. It is a tough business but hard work and excepting failure is the key to success. Xo Stacy