Tips of the Day: When you're first starting your business the do's and don'ts

October 19, 2011
I've always loved the story behind a person's career or how they got started and to tell of how they began (probably why I am obsessed with autobiographies these days). My story began in my college dorm room (actually my home bedroom when I was 6 years old) and officially when I moved to NYC in 1999. I worked out of my first bedroom that I shared with 3 of my college roommates(and best friends) and built a sewing/cutting table/work station in my bedroom. I ran my business between my home and space I built in Union City, NJ and the NYC Garment Center. So much more to tell so you will have to come back and read more :)  

But for now...

Here are a couple of tips of the do's and don'ts for those who are just starting their business and need to maximize their (tiny) space!

1.Organize the clutter as best as you can. Working in your bedroom you need to separate work vs. your own space. *see my divider in the picture below*

2. Take breaks. Even if it is just a walk around your block to get a breath of fresh air and as I like to say breathe. You are living and working in the same space. You need a moment of your own time.

3. If you live with roommates. Make sure you Thank them for letting you have a business in your space. My girls were amazing and of course they got rewarded in my creations :) I will be forever grateful for their belief in me.

The best was at the end of the day (which of course was super late!) I could just crash!
Check out these snapshots from the good ‘ole days!

a photo shoot taken in my bedroom by Lucky Magazine. I a featured designer in Lucky's "one to watch". I will never forget this photo shoot. I was like yes you can shoot but it is in my bedroom lol!
Training my assistant at the time in my 2nd apartment when I moved on my own and had my business in my living room.
my first patternmaker Hernan and I in my studio I built in the heart of the garment center where I built a cutting and sewing room!

moving in to a NEW YORK City garment center space. DJ Blue Steel there to help me every step of the way.
“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”  -Don Williams Jr.

 I would love to hear about your journey! 



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