Friday Finds: Check out my PAST Features on Inspiring Entrepreneurs/Editors/Bloggers/Photographers….

January 27, 2012

I wanted to share with you all some of my past features. I have done 400+ posts so I selected a few for you to see from the past.  I will continue to feature amazing people this year whom I work with and who I just think are inspiring and you should know about. 

Enjoy and  have a beautiful Weekend.
xo, Stacy

Q&A with Jen Steele of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Q&A with Lucky Magazine's Fashion Market Assistant, Noelle Sciacca!  

Friday's Finds- On how to cook a quick meal for the Holidays!

Q&A with Shantell Martin! 

Q&A with Jody Lee from Agoura High School! 

Boy Meets DJ Smarty Girl 

Friday's Photography Finds with the amazing Marc Mez!

Boy Meets Triathlete Girl! Part 2 

 Career Day with Latin High School Student Katie! 7/19 

Friday's Friend Finds- meet Azizah Rowen 7/1 

Q&A with Photographer Sopie Elgort!

Boy Meets Nubia's Nonesense Girl! 

Get to Know: Tara Smith, Celebrity Hairstylist 6/16 

Help fight Bullying

Boy Meets Coast to Coast Blogger Girls!

My (tiny) Special Guests  

Thank you Old Journals and Best Friends 

Friday Finds: Introduction to Flo Fox Part 1 


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