Behind the Seams: Q&A with Teresa Greenfeld of

March 30, 2012
Happy Friday! Today, I bring you the talented Associate Fashion and Accessories Editor of, Teresa Greenfeld. I meet many of my industry friends in funny places. You would think that I would meet someone like Teresa on set or perhaps in response to pulling one of my garments. But not, we met at a laser hair removal salon!  Sorry, Teresa, but I cannot tell a lie...  I'll spare you the details of our chance encounter, but I will say that we had ample time to spark up a conversation and we did just that! I've got to know Teresa over the past year or so and I've come to appreciate her impeccable style and hard work with the site. 

Also I am excited to announce that I have become a Guest Contributor to!
I will keep you posted as my posts go LIVE. I look forward to sharing these posts with you!

Read more about Teresa in her Q&A below and tweet tweet here @TeresaGreenfeld

1)how would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) item
I love the Voyage hoodie in black - the longer length in the back is so chic. I’d layer the oatmeal Unparallel Vest underneath it, so that the slashed sides peek out, and top everything with a leather jacket.  

2)what causes and/or organizations do you support?
 The Children's Aid Society, which works to ensure the physical and emotional well being of children and families, and Camfed, an organization that works to fight poverty and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa by educating girls and empowering young women.

3)what is your favorite part of your job?
I've always been in love with fashion - ever since I was a little girl and claimed victory in the ‘what I’m wearing’ battle over my mother.  Being fortunate enough to do what I love every day makes every part of my job my favorite.  I know not everyone can say that, so it’s something I never take for granted.   
4)what have you learned about the work force that you didn’t know in college?
That work ethic and passion will get you further than bullet points on a resume.  
5)what is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
a. lack of sleep

b. long hours/crammed schedule 
c.  find a good balance between personal life and work
I would have to say 'all of the above' - kind of. My work and my personal life are almost one and the same. I work with one of my best friends (Olivia and I have known each other for years).

6) Favorite all time movie quote? 
 Wow, I don’t think I can pick just one.   Am I allowed to use all of ‘Old School’ - or maybe all of ‘The Godfather’ as one quote?

7) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
I’m an extreme work-a-holic, so being able to get just about anything delivered 24 hours a day is a beautiful, beautiful thing.   Though  that’s not really so much a favorite thing to do, but more a viscous cycle of abuse.  
8) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?
Florence.  I’ve always loved Italy, and have spent summers at a family home in the southern region of Calabria, but there’s something indescribable about Florence.  I’ve always pictured myself living there one day.

9) What’s your favorite..
 Other than

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield 

 My iPhone.  I made the switch from BlackBerry a few months ago, and I don’t know how I existed without it.  

       -guilty pleasure? 
 Reading every fashion magazine I can get my hands on.  In print.  

       -midnight snack? 
Swedish Fish.  The big ones - not those wussy mini ones.
10) What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
I have my eye on the 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' Satchel- either in white or in the amazing ‘limon’ yellow

11) What’s your biggest purchase steal?
While I was at Vogue, interning for the fashion department, I assited with 7th on Sale, a CFDA/Vogue founded “world’s biggest designer sample sale” to benefit services and housing for people living with HIV and AIDS.  I purchased some amazing pieces from Dior and McQueen.  I’m also painfully addicted to anything from ASOS or Topshop.  
12) Social Media: Do you have..
       -twitter @TeresaGreenfeld       

Thank you so much, Teresa, for being a part of today's Behind the Seams™. And for all my tweeps out there, show Teresa some love...her handle is @TeresaGreenfeld and she's a newbie.


My tips: DIY head pieces

March 28, 2012
I bring you DIY head pieces :)) Here are the steps for making your own DIY headband:

1. First, I purchased this amazing braided heaband. Only $10 from Sephora. You can use something that looks like your hair or any other kind of stretchy headband.
2. Next you need to pick out a brooch to add to the headband. I chose one of my favorite vintage brooches (mine is an eagle because I wear lots of bird things to go along with my last name Igel sounds like Eagle) . You can use any style brooch but make sure the backing has a solid closure so that it will stay in the headband.
3. Pin broach where ever you want the brooch to sit on your head. Below I wore my eagle up on towards the top of my head like it was flying but another time I wore lower as if was swooping down!
Voila a handy DIY headpiece

Excited to see your creations. Send pictures or share links to show me yours :)

Behind the Seams: Q&A with Red Carpet winner from Penn State, Samantha!!

March 26, 2012
It’s been a few years since I was a student at University of Wisconsin in Madison so I was thrilled to bring Boy Meets Girl(R) and the Ultimate College Fashion Experience to Penn State last September. 

Our Red Carpet contest winner Samantha (pictured above) won a trip to NYC to visit the Boy Meets Girl® offices and to attend my “Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel” wrap party. Samantha is from outside Philly, is currently a Junior at PSU, and is the head stylist for Valley Magazine. I loved meeting Samantha and her sister Mallory. They were so much fun to have around that day and myself and my team are so grateful for their help preparing for the party!! Read about their NYC Experience in this Q & A below.     

Samantha & her sister, Mallory in Boy Meets Girl®/Lockerz styling area at the "Behind the Seams" party  

Samantha Winner of our Red Carpet Contest at PSU                              

1. What was your favorite part about the Ultimate College Fashion Experience and runway show at PSU back in September?
Sam: Last year, I asked the store owner of Campus Candy if Valley Magazine could hold a fashion show party for our Spring 2011 issue. He said yes because his good friend, Stacy Igel, designer of Boy Meets Girl® was going to host a fashion show there in the fall. When Boy Meets Girl® finally arrived at PSU the best part was knowing that a designer, hot off of NYFW cared enough about what College students are wearing, to travel all the way to Pennsylvania to show us her latest collection. Seeing a designer like Stacy spend her time where young style is developing was such a rewarding experience on both ends!

2. What was the best part about coming to NYC as the winner of the Ultimate College Fashion Experience, and spending the day with us?
Sam: Attending the “Behind the Seams” wrap party was definitely my favorite part of the day! What made it so special was that I got to see first hand the work that went into making the event such a huge success. From gift bags, to the PR to getting the location perfectly set up, so much planning and effort went into it and it was awesome to see it all unfold that night.

3. What surprised you the most about the Boy Meets Girl® offices?
Sam: The office was incredible-- it was located in the fashion filled skyscraper 1411 Broadway so a wide array of other amazing clothing lines surrounded them. I was surprised at how unique and true to form the Boy Meets Girl® show room was. From the custom made “wishing wall” to the funky cardboard furniture it all paralleled the brand's image so well -- a perfect mix of fun-loving yet savvy fashion that Stacy Igel and the Boy Meets Girl® brand has mastered.  

4. What is your favorite Boy Meets Girl
® item and how would you style it?Sam: I’m a busy college student so comfort is a must but that shouldn’t mean I have to sacrifice style! I love the “My City Leggings” because it spices up your run of the mill pair of black leggings. I’d rock my black mid calf combat boots, a long vintage band T shirt, throw on a boyfriend blazer and maybe even a lightweight scarf depending on the weather.
5. What’s your favorite...
~Website – is my latest addiction but I do check religiously and learning more about via the Behind the Seams party.
~Book – Influence by Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen
~Gadget – my iPhone of course!
~Guilty Pleasure – Sweet Potato fries
~Midnight Snack – Wasabi Almonds!

Hope you will both come visit again soon!

Midnight Inspirations: Amazing detangler for your hair

March 23, 2012
I hate knotted hair and let's just say this head of hair is when my BFF Jess came to visit me recently in NYC and started brushing her tangles with this odd yet stylish NEON brush I had to know what it was. Yes its called the Tangle Teezer and it fits in your purse and it does detangle those knots!  For only $9.75 you could get one too. Found here on
 Works wonders! Thanks Jessie for introducing me to this clever tool for curly manes.

Do you guys have any beauty tools you can't live without?

Behind the Seams: ILP Early Bird Special join me on May 16th in NYC!

March 22, 2012
The Young Survivor Coalition has a very special place in my heart.... You can learn more here on my past blog posts about the YSC and previous In Living Pink Galas.

Please come SUPPORT the YSC by attending the In Living Pink Gala on May 16thTake advantage of this EARLY BIRD special!  Tickets cost $175 but if you buy NOW you can get them discounted at $150. Early bird special ends on April 15th. Purchase your tickets here!
Think about what you are doing by buying a ticket. You are helping spread awareness and help the fight against breast cancer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @ 7 pm   Capitale, 130 Bowery, NYC

 I hope to see you there!  
Any questions let me know.

What I Wore: American Rag event with Lenay Dunn

March 20, 2012
I had a lot of people asking me about what I wore to the American Rag "It Girl" Campaign event with my friend Lenay Dunn. So here it is :) 

Photo c/o: Billy Farrel Agency

Jacket: BCBG similiar style
Tank: Vintage deesh
Pants: Siwy Denim similar style
Jewelry: Alfred Kenney and Boy Meets Girl®
Bag: Vintage

And of course fabulous hair and makeup Betsy and Crystal. Check back for my DIY eagle brooch hair piece blog post coming soon :)


Behind the Seams: Q&A with Marissa Rosenblum of Seventeen Magazine

March 16, 2012

Behind the Seams: Q&A with Marissa Rosenblum of Seventeen Magazine!

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Meet Marissa. How amazing is this picture! Love the background and Marissa's outfit!

This is one of my favorite spreads Marissa did capturing the brand
Happy Friday! I am super excited to introduce you to Marissa Rosenblum, Senior Fashion Market Editor of Seventeen Magazine! Marissa and I have worked together for many many years so I wanted you all to be able to learn more about her hard work behind Seventeen Magazine and how awesome Marissa is by checking the Q&A below.
I grew up reading Seventeen Magazine and still do! When my line first graced the pages of Seventeen Magazine I remember calling my sister and ran over to show her the spread just like we would do growing up. Thank you Marissa and Seventeen for capturing my brand and other brands the way you do. You create great style and tips and show young girls how they can interpret trends off the runway at affordable prices. You were and are the pioneer to this concept. 

Read more about Marissa in her Q&A below and tweet her here @MarissRosenblum

1. What is your favorite part of your job?
"Working for millions of teens- they're a demanding group and I love them. Getting to see all the clothes that I think they love for next season first is exciting and coming up with story ideas I think they'll be into is a fun way to make a living."- Marissa

One of my favorite spreads showcasing my Romper!

2. How would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl(R) item?
I would style the Zoe tee with high waist skinny jeans, fitted baseball jacket and a pair of bold heels to dress the look up. 

3. What causes and/or organizations do you support?
DOROT and Fresh Air Fund
DOROT helps homebound seniors by connecting volunteers to visit, help with chores and deliver packages during the holidays. 
Fresh Air Fund is something the whole crew at Seventeen loves to volunteer with. Every summer we head up to Camp Mariah and enjoy a day of outdoor fun with the city kids who get to experience summer camp. 
I'm on the young professional committee for the Fresh Air Fund's annual Spring Fling party (April 19th!) and am excited to help raise funds to get more inner city kids to experience camp this summer!

4. What is your favorite part of your job?
Working for millions of teens- they're a demanding group and I love them. Getting to see all the clothes that I think they love for next season first is exciting and coming up with story ideas I think they'll be into is a fun way to make a living.

5. What have you learned about the work force that you didn't know in college?
Be nice!

6. What is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
a. lack of sleepp
b. long hours/crammed schedule
c.  find a good balance between personal life and work

Busy schedule. I have a lot of events to go to and it can be hard to cover everything even when you want to especially when working on story deadlines

7. Favorite all time movie quote?
"I'm shomer fn shabbos" from The Big Lebowski. I'm not, but I love that movie and when John Goodman's character says that. Also any line from Troop Beverly Hills, naturally.
8. Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
Visit the big tree trunk at museum of natural history. Find a new place to eat every weekend and bike ride down the east side of manhattan into red hook.

9. If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?
London. I felt a connection with the English neurosis after doing my work study at the Daily Mirror years ago and can always imagine returning.

10. What’s your favorite...
    -Website? Don't have a favorite but visit man repeller, gawker, and mashable daily.
    -Book? Anything by Sedaris except for Squirrel Seeks Chupmunk and American classics.
    -Gadget? iPhone
    -Guilty pleasure? Cheese. Lots.  All kinds except for smoked. Went to Anfora last night and was in heaven.
    -Midnight snack? See above.

11. What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
Miu Miu platforms and a well needed/not yet decided on vacation.

12. What’s your biggest purchase steal?
Everything! I am an expert at affordable shopping, it's my job. My whole wardrobe (sans shoes and bags) are sneaky low priced items, designer samples and vintage.

12) Social Media: Do you have...
-@MarissRosenblum on twitter and Instagram
-tumblr just relaunched the seventeen tumblr!!!

Thank you so much Marissa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be part of today's Behind the Seams™ with me. I look forward to working with you another ++++ years.

It's University of Wisconsin Fashion Week!!

March 15, 2012
Join me tonight for an exciting Twitter Chat with my Alma Mater University of Wisconsin at Madison, and MODA Magazine, their hot new online fashion magazine. Ask me anything about fashion, entrepreneurship, business, college, tips etc. So excited to support my Alma Mater and be able to work with them through social media connecting :). This is a dream for me. 

Who: @StacyIgel @BoyMeetsGirlUsa @modamadison
Where: Twitter using #BoyMeetsGirlU and #UMFW
When: Tonight 5:30-6:00pm EST/4:30-5:00pm CST

... and because I'm too excited to wait, you can enter this Facebook Giveaway NOW to win a Boy Meets Campus Candy Girl tee-shirt! see details below!

Instructions: Tell us your FAVORITE COLLEGE MEMORY in the comment box below! i'll choose the answer that makes me most nostalgic lol :))

UPDATE: Congratulations Stephanie Valentinetti who said, "All 6 of us girls getting ready to go out at night in our house. Getting to share the clothes of 5 other girls, doing hair and makeup together, I miss those days! ♥"
please send an email to with your mailing address!! :))

Terms & Conditions:
3. HOW TO ENTER: All entries must be received by 5:59 P.M., EST on 3/15/2012. You may only enter online. All entries become property of Boy Meets Girl®. and will not be returned. Limit: Only one (1) entry per person, regardless of e-mail address used.

See you all later!! Go Badgers!! 

Midnight Inspirations: Bun Mania

March 14, 2012

What is your bun story? Do you rock buns during the day, out at night or both?

Hope you have a bun-tastic day!

Midnight Inspirations: Fall 2012 fashion week themes I dig

March 13, 2012

Midnight Inspirations: Instagram Photos

March 12, 2012
I wanted to start off the week with some shots I have taken on Instragam with my Iphone4s. A lot of my shots are taken in the wee hours of the evening hence the name Midnight Inspirations. A lot has been happening. Getting inspired about my upcoming move, tattoos, closets, pastels, lady bags and changes.

Loving these vintage mirrors for my new home

Love finding Boy Meets Girl® on TV! Kat Von Dee rocking a vintage Boy Meets Girl® tee! Love it and love her tattoos!

Did some major Spring cleaning last week! My closets were clearly in need of cleaning.

Loving the Spring trend of ladylike bags as seen Marie Claire Magazine. I think I might need  to pamper myself with one!

Twins at work in Boy Meets Girl® My City Leggings! Buy them here! So comfy and great on the go!


Behind the Seams: 030712 third stop...Kipling Event

March 11, 2012
Third stop: Kipling 25th anniversary event!

Lugging our Marni H&M bags, Syl and I finally made it to our last event stop of the night, Kipling's 25th Anniversary party. I've loved Kipling since its inception and was excited to celebrate with them on such an amazing accomplishment.

Syl and I were the bag ladies at the event!
This was a fun addition. I felt like I was signing a Bat Mitzvah board. Such a cute idea to get all the signatures of everyone who came out to honor Kipling.

I love how they turned their 25th anniversary bags into artwork! Very cool and innovative!
I ran into photographer Thomas C. He is always snapping shots of me & others during events so I decided to shoot him. Love this picture and love always seeing TC.
It was so great meeting president of Kipling, Julie Dimperio. Hoping to work together and collaborate on big things in the future!
Syl's amazing FANNY pack by Kipling (I wanted to steal it off of her body).
How awesome is Syl's designer collaboration Kipling fanny pack? Obsessed with it. Yes my brain is seeing sparkles right now. Collaborations have been the theme of this week for me. I see the future. Do you??


p.s. Thank you Kipling for inviting me and Syl and for this amazing weekender bag in my favorite must have color of the season.  RED.

Behind the Seams: 030712 second Event

March 9, 2012
2nd stop of the evening: event

The second stop on my event packed extravaganza evening took Syl and I to Caravan Stylist Studios for the launch of a new fashion mobile photo app called As you know I love technology and social media so I had to check out what this new app was all about! 

Loved running into Claudine, Sophie and other great friends and of course the amazing Joey who did an incredible job putting this event together! 

Spotted amazing Collars! The Collar to the right was handmade by the girl who I shot this on. I love the hand painted look of this collar. I've recently put my own spin on them and invented #SportsCollars! If you haven't seen them already check them out here!

Check out this awesome green and black clutch we got at the party. I'm obsessed! So cute and useful and perfect for spring with a pop of neon!

It was a pleasure meeting the genius behind this App co-founder and fashion director Kristen Ming! Check back for more updates about the app. I still need a bit more time to play and learn!


Behind the Seams: 030712 first stop...MARNI for H&M

March 8, 2012
Last night I was invited to the pre-opening of the Marni for H&M launch. I will leave you with one word that describes this stop on my journey with good friend Syl Tang(
-->CEO of HipGuide & contributor to the FT) WOW!

Check out what I bought. Yes I said to Syl "I think I just bought shoes that are a bit big on me for the thrill of it". However, I am excited to wear these! Retail: $99
This dress is super cute it was a bit pricey but I had to buy it. Woven printed dress with kangaroo pocket, hoodie, zipper front, 3/4 sleeve and drawstring pull at bottom hem. This is a size 2. It runs a bit over-sized so wearing with a belt.  Retail $149
I walked over and only a few pieces were left of the accessories so I snagged 2 of these amazing necklaces. 1 for me and 1 as a present for my sister's birthday. She loves Happy Rings and this is a Happy Necklace. Retail $29.95
  I wish I had grabbed 100 more of this amazing cuff. I bought this for Dj Nielle Kat for her birthday. I am obsessed with cuffs, especially this one. So unique.
Photo to capture the ambiance or shall I say madness at H&M!
photo of me & good friend Samara D'Auria owner of  and rockstar! 
That register was one happy register!
It was also great to bump into tons of my friends/editors/publicists/bloggers. Overall I loved the print of the dress I purchased and the accessories. The accessories are an affordable price point and great for you or to give as a gift for a friend/sister/mom and did I say YOU! 
Thank you H&M for inviting me to a special evening of shopping Marni and for this beautiful scarf.
For more fun coverage from the streets today check out Andrew Mukamal's Today's Look Episode here! Andrew and I ran into each other during the madness last night. I definitely had a sweaty head when we gave each other a hug lol! But, this is what we do for fashion. 
Love, Sweat, Tears, Joy & Shop 

what I wore: NYFW

A lot of you have been asking me what I wore to my collaborative show with Junk Food Art House x Monopoly during NYFW.  This is one of my favorite looks I have styled myself in. Details below :)
Photo c/o Film Magic Photo Credit Jerritt Clark more photos here
Photo c/o Film Magic Photo Credit Jerritt Clark more photos here . Shot here with friends  Ashley Hebert & Lenay Dunn
Lenay Dunn and me ;) We have fun together ;) Photo c/o Thomas Concordia
Me and the lovely Jessica Caban. Photo c/o Thomas Concordia
love this shot with Eunice & Tracy Gayle..big Money :) Photo c/o Thomas Concordia

What I wore:
Dress: Kensie dress c/o Caravan StylistStudio
Shirt worn under dress: Theory
Tights: Boy Meets Girl(R)
Pin at neck (#sportscollars): Boy Meets Girl(R) 
Shoes: Adidas collection
Bag: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Jewelry: mix vintage, stella & dot, bird ring :)

for more fun press updates check here :) and here