Behind the Seams: Q&A with Red Carpet winner from Penn State, Samantha!!

March 26, 2012
It’s been a few years since I was a student at University of Wisconsin in Madison so I was thrilled to bring Boy Meets Girl(R) and the Ultimate College Fashion Experience to Penn State last September. 

Our Red Carpet contest winner Samantha (pictured above) won a trip to NYC to visit the Boy Meets Girl® offices and to attend my “Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel” wrap party. Samantha is from outside Philly, is currently a Junior at PSU, and is the head stylist for Valley Magazine. I loved meeting Samantha and her sister Mallory. They were so much fun to have around that day and myself and my team are so grateful for their help preparing for the party!! Read about their NYC Experience in this Q & A below.     

Samantha & her sister, Mallory in Boy Meets Girl®/Lockerz styling area at the "Behind the Seams" party  

Samantha Winner of our Red Carpet Contest at PSU                              

1. What was your favorite part about the Ultimate College Fashion Experience and runway show at PSU back in September?
Sam: Last year, I asked the store owner of Campus Candy if Valley Magazine could hold a fashion show party for our Spring 2011 issue. He said yes because his good friend, Stacy Igel, designer of Boy Meets Girl® was going to host a fashion show there in the fall. When Boy Meets Girl® finally arrived at PSU the best part was knowing that a designer, hot off of NYFW cared enough about what College students are wearing, to travel all the way to Pennsylvania to show us her latest collection. Seeing a designer like Stacy spend her time where young style is developing was such a rewarding experience on both ends!

2. What was the best part about coming to NYC as the winner of the Ultimate College Fashion Experience, and spending the day with us?
Sam: Attending the “Behind the Seams” wrap party was definitely my favorite part of the day! What made it so special was that I got to see first hand the work that went into making the event such a huge success. From gift bags, to the PR to getting the location perfectly set up, so much planning and effort went into it and it was awesome to see it all unfold that night.

3. What surprised you the most about the Boy Meets Girl® offices?
Sam: The office was incredible-- it was located in the fashion filled skyscraper 1411 Broadway so a wide array of other amazing clothing lines surrounded them. I was surprised at how unique and true to form the Boy Meets Girl® show room was. From the custom made “wishing wall” to the funky cardboard furniture it all paralleled the brand's image so well -- a perfect mix of fun-loving yet savvy fashion that Stacy Igel and the Boy Meets Girl® brand has mastered.  

4. What is your favorite Boy Meets Girl
® item and how would you style it?Sam: I’m a busy college student so comfort is a must but that shouldn’t mean I have to sacrifice style! I love the “My City Leggings” because it spices up your run of the mill pair of black leggings. I’d rock my black mid calf combat boots, a long vintage band T shirt, throw on a boyfriend blazer and maybe even a lightweight scarf depending on the weather.
5. What’s your favorite...
~Website – is my latest addiction but I do check religiously and learning more about via the Behind the Seams party.
~Book – Influence by Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen
~Gadget – my iPhone of course!
~Guilty Pleasure – Sweet Potato fries
~Midnight Snack – Wasabi Almonds!

Hope you will both come visit again soon!


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