My Tips: Easy Tips for a BIG hair BUN

March 6, 2012
For this February NYFW, my good friend and celebrity hair stylist Betsy Reyes and I decided to do a hairstyle that was like nothing I've ever done before!
photo from wire image Photo Credit: Thomas Concordia more images here on the wire

I having been pulling tears from old Hollywood icons (not one muse in particular just moods and visions I like) so it was fun to show Betsy what I had envisioned for my look for my collaborative NYFW show this season and see Betsy put her spin to my hair and create this HUGE amazing Bun.  Now with the help from Betsy you can create you're own bun too :) Check out her easy steps.

repeated if you cannot read below photo :)
1. Put hair in pony in the desired bun location...keeping your bangs down for a fun sweep
2. Tease the pony hair from base to ends... Spray with some hairspray and let dry
3. Wrap the hair around the pony base and use bob pins to secure your look at the base of the bun
4. The looser you keep it, the bigger the bun!

Excited to share more with you on Bun's and my adventures soon...

Have you rocked a Bun lately?



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