My tips: DIY head pieces

March 28, 2012
I bring you DIY head pieces :)) Here are the steps for making your own DIY headband:

1. First, I purchased this amazing braided heaband. Only $10 from Sephora. You can use something that looks like your hair or any other kind of stretchy headband.
2. Next you need to pick out a brooch to add to the headband. I chose one of my favorite vintage brooches (mine is an eagle because I wear lots of bird things to go along with my last name Igel sounds like Eagle) . You can use any style brooch but make sure the backing has a solid closure so that it will stay in the headband.
3. Pin broach where ever you want the brooch to sit on your head. Below I wore my eagle up on towards the top of my head like it was flying but another time I wore lower as if was swooping down!
Voila a handy DIY headpiece

Excited to see your creations. Send pictures or share links to show me yours :)


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