Tip of the day: how to organize your makeup

March 1, 2012

I finally decided to do some Spring cleaning this past weekend because my unorganized makeup clutter was driving me crazy to say the least! Check out my tips below on how to organize your makeup when it's cluttering your counter tops. I still have more to go but happy I got a start in my on-going spring cleaning :)

1. Put all of your clutter on the floor and wash off your counter tops. 
2. Pack away product that you do not use daily in the shelves above or below your sink. 
3. Find a perfect sized plastic cup (I found this one at a recent hotel stay!) to hold all your brushes.
4. Wooden Trays are perfect for separating your product. I bought this tray at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I used it to put my bronzer, blush and eye pencils in. I definitely need another one ;) You can find these for less then $4.
5. I added a touch of candles, also bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond to give a Zen feeling which I am all about these days. De-stressing is key when applying makeup in the morning and when taking off at night :)

What have you bought recently that has helped keep you organized?



  1. These are great tips - I use a cup for my brushes, too! I also still use the Caboodles I got when I was like 12. It's organized, travel-friendly, and sparkly! :)

  2. Thanks Fab Gal. Love Caboodles. I might have to bring those back too ;)