Entrepreneurship: The do's and don'ts of fashion interviews

April 23, 2012
Whether you're interviewing for a fashion job or internship, there is a certain etiquette that i think everyone should follow. See some of the DO's and DON'T's of fashion interviewing which I have learned and observed along the way!

Me here with my Dj team at NYFW who went thru grueling interviews with me lol! 
Do- Research the person and the company you're interviewing for and also the job description of the position you applied for! Have all materials ready- notepad, pen & hard copy of your resume!
Don't- have unnecessary materials out such as your phone. 

Do- Dress with confidence! Wear something professional but add your own personal flare. 
Don't- Embellish your resume when talking about past experiences... Just be YOU.
Do- Ask questions! Make eye contact! Show that your interested and want to know more about the company.- including mission statements, charitable causes and other general info! Have one or two questions prepared for the end of the interview.
Don't- Ask personal questions about the interviewer. Only ask questions that are relevant to the available position and the company.

Let me know if you have any other questions!! Always happy to help :))