Midnight Inspirations: Coco Chanel Book

April 20, 2012
-->I am in the midst of reading Coco Chanel written by Justine Picardie. I’ve written about her in past blog posts as an Inspiration to me. I love learning how a designer like Coco Chanel started her business and where the NAME and LOGO comes from. Whenever someone is interviewing me about Boy Meets Girl(R) these two questions are usually asked first. It’s funny I didn’t already know this about CC!
Coco's name was Gabrielle. She got her nickname Coco from a popular song she used to sing!  The famous LOGO was inspired from the mosaic windows she would look at in the boarding house she grew up in for catholic girls. Isn't amazing how the creation of brand can form from what you see on the streets, walls even on the subway. I LOVE IT!

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Is anyone else reading this book?



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