My tips: The perfect quick manicure

April 9, 2012
Happy Monday! As you all know by now, I'm always on the go and doing a million things a minute so I don't always have time to get a manicure. I bought these blue ombre Trend Tips from Sephora by OPI with my good friend Nancy a while ago and loved them! They were super easy to put on and lasted about a week. We felt like silly, high school girls because we had the hardest time deciding which patterns to get... we wanted them all ;). So we got crafty and found a way to share sets with each other so we could get all the patterns we loved! Great for a girls night since you can share the sets with lots of your friends for one crazy and amazing manicure. 

Step 1: Lay out strip backwards to get equal parts to cut
Step 2: Cut each strip in half . This gives you double the amount so you can do both hands
Step 3: layout all you're cut pieces
Step 4: start the process and put on your nails 
Each package comes with a set of 16 so splitting the pack and giving your friend 8 pieces and cutting the 8 in half gives you 16 :)

The completed look!

I've done this money saver trick a couple of times with these nail stickers over the past few weeks. Here are a few of the other designs I've tried:

What do you guys think of nail stickers? Have you tried them out? Hope you like this fun girlfriend tip :)


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