I started blogging on 12/12/08, as my personal journal to share with you all my crazy life Behind the Seams™ of building my brand Boy Meets Girl®. Over the past 4 years it has evolved into more than just my journal entries. It now incorporates all facets of my life! From what I wore at events, QandA’s with my friends, Entrepreneurship 101, My Tips, my Midnight Inspirations (aka, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), My “how to rock” Features on Olivia Palermo, etc .
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Behind the Seams: Q&A with Mia Hanekamp from Moda Magazine

Mia Hanekamp holding microphone in an adorable dress :)
Happy Friday! Today, I bring you a fellow Chicago & Badger Girl Mia Hanekamp from Moda Magazine. Mia is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin (my Alma Mater) and I had the pleasure of working with her this past April during University of Wisconsin's first College Fashion Week! I graduated a few years ago (lol!) and when I was a student there I also took part in organizing our own student fashion week.
This was before the days of social media (ok yes I am ancient but our secret shhhh)
so I was so excited to work with Mia and Moda's followers to promote #UWFW and #BoyMeetsGirlU with a twitter party for her team and my team here in NYC.

Read more about Mia in her Q&A below:
1) how would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl® item?
 I'd wear the Sanctuary Top in white with the Paramount Pant! It's such a casual chic look that can be worn on so many different types of occasions.
 2) what causes and/or organizations do you support?

 Women's heart health
 3) what is your favorite part of your job?
 My favorite part of Moda is seeing the finished product, whether it's an article I've worked on with one of our writers or the entire UW Fashion Week production. One of the greatest feelings in the world is seeing your hard work pay off.

 4) what have you learned about the work force that you didn’t know in college?
 I've learned so much more from my internships and my work with Moda than I have ever learned in college so far. I believe that hands-on, practical work can teach you so much more than sitting in a classroom can. One thing in particular that I've learned is attention to detail. If you make a mistake in school, you might get a few points taken off of your grade. If you make a mistake for your boss, someone's job could be in jeopardy.

 5) what is the hardest part of your job? Highlight one or all that apply!
      a. lack of sleep
      b. long hours/crammed schedule
      c.  find a good balance between personal life and work

All of the above! But for me, it's all worth it. And with Moda, the people I work with are some of my closest friends. Planning UW Fashion Week did involve long hours and a crazy-busy schedule, but it was essentially just a big group of friends doing what they love.

6) Favorite all time movie quote?
  The opening monologue of Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

7) Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in?
     My favorite thing to do in New York City is just to walk around outside on a beautiful day. New York City is such a spectacular place, and every time I visit there I love it more and more. Some of my favorite places in the city are on/near West Broadway: a great French restaurant called Felix, my favorite breakfast spot The Cupping Room, the Soho Grand Hotel... I also love the Union Square Greenmarket in the summer, shopping on Mercer Street, and Eataly in Flatiron!
     However, I grew up outside of Chicago, a city unlike any other. No matter where I end up settling down, Chicago will always have my heart.

8) If you could live out of the country where would you settle down?

9) What’s your favorite..
Who What Wear, Brunch At Saks
I'm not a big reader, admittedly, aside from the newspaper and magazines. (journalism major problems...)
  My iPhone. It's a gadget and an accessory at the same time.
    -guilty pleasure?
  Trashy reality shows on Bravo, grilled cheese with lots of butter, and really bad rap songs
    -midnight snack?
  Popcorn with olive oil and salt
  10) What’s been your biggest splurge this season?
  Nothing yet, but I'm so excited to get some great trendy pieces for the summer. I'm really into neon, peplum, and color blocking, so we'll see where my shopping addiction takes me over the next few weeks.
  11) What’s your biggest purchase steal?
I wore a Thakoon dress from Rent The Runway for the UW Fashion Week runway show. It was a steal because I rented it for 10% of the retail price. Insane. I don't think I had ever been more excited to wear a dress in my whole life. I also got these great camel wedges from Urban Outfitters a week or so ago. Everyone was asking me where I got them, and I was so excited to say that they cost, like, $65.
  12) Social Media: Do you have...    

Thank you Mia for being part of today's Behind the Seams™ with me :) It was such a pleasure to learn more about you! Go BADGERS!




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