Entrepreneurship: The role of social media in business

May 11, 2012
I'm a technology nerd "nerd chic" and love learning about all the new sites and gadgets, especially when they relate to the things I love like fashion!! It's constantly changing so if your like me I must keep up to speed with the constant evolution of new new new!

Here's a video of me speaking at #Fashion140 last year about some of the the different social media resources I rely on and how they, especially with my blog here, play into my business and my brand; specifically how I use it to speak to all of you guys(my amazing fans/consumers/friends/entrepreneurs) and how I "humanize" my brand in this space!

"My blog is my public journal. It's a way for me to relate to my consumer and let them know what I'm doing, what's going on in my Boy Meets Girl® world, what my interests are, what I'm thinking about, and what's going on all over." 

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  1. yayyyy :D I get nervous when I speak in front of a crowd as well, so you are not alone. Great job, and great speech. I'm glad you had fun