Midnight Inspirations: Favorite 80s Dance Moments

May 23, 2012
So many end-of-the-school year celebrations approaching- graduation dances, sorority formals and PROM! Its hard not to reflect on our favorite movies which provide us with ideas of how these nights are supposed to play out! These are some of my all-time favorites dance moments from movies... and also scroll down for ways to keep comfortable all night so you can be the last one on the dance floor ;))) 
Footloose! Ahhh I am dancing in my seat as I am writing this :)

"Pretty in Pink" is a classic! love Molly Ringwald & Jon Cryer

The dance scene in Grease is perfection :)) 

Sixteen Candles. The ending that captured all of our hearts.

and last Napoleon Dynamite.. i know this was filmed recently but I can't get enough of this side pony! 
it's so 80s! So gets a proper shout out.


And don't forget to throw your Boy Meets Girl
® Coco Hoodie and Fuzzy Babba Slippers in a bag for when you're ready to get comfortable but never stop dancing!

What's your favorite dance scene from a movie??
xo, Stacy


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