My tips: Finding the perfect Mothers day gift!

May 7, 2012
Every year around Mother's Day, I get so excited about finding the perfect gift for my mom aka Dj Norma & my amazing mother-in-law Ronnie. For the past couple years, I've gone with new Boy Meets Girl® items. You can see my mom in the picture below rocking the Sanctuary Top over her printed dress.

Dj Daisy Deesh (me) and Dj Norma (mom)
These are the gift ideas I have on this year's list. I'm not sure which one I will choose (as I have to keep it a secret) but wanted to share these suggestions with you, in case you haven't found that perfect gift for your mom or mother-in-law yet!
1. the Boy Meets Girl(R) Voyage Hoodie... this one is definitely at the top of the list this year! Comfortable and lightweight for the Spring and Summer and even into the Fall!

2. Cookies by Design Cookie Bouquet! Instead of getting a bouquet of flowers, you get get a bouquet of flower cookies!! I especially love this one. the bouquets range in pricing and they can do same day delivery!

3.  I am a big scarf lover and so is my mom and my mother-in-law. The selection at of Theodora & Callum scarves are great. This Navajo printed blanket style is also on my list of giving and I might even snag for myself too :) The retail price is $175 but you can save 50% with 500 PTZ on Lockerz. So I am able to get his for $87.50 for doing what I love on Lockerz. Love it!

Have you found a mother's day gift yet?  


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