what I wore: drip tee around the world

May 25, 2012
My grandfather on my mom's side (who is no longer with us) started a tradition that all my family members (cousins/aunts/uncles/sisters/parents) wherever they may be in the world would meet in a central place for the passover holiday. So this year 20+ of us met in Orlando, Florida for Passover. A beautiful tradition I cherish more and more as I get older. While I was away something came over me and I was determined to make sure I took a picture in my Boy Meets Girl(R) Drip tee around the world at Epcot! Let's just say my sister, mom and cousin were excited for this challenge but my boy cousins were not loving me at each stop. They wanted more rides and I wanted a taste of Paris :) So each shot was a fast take but thanks to my sister, mom and cousin Naomi we captured the drip tee around the world. Hope you Enjoy!

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