ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Creating a LOGO and NAME for your business with meaning...

June 15, 2012
one of my first trade shows..  the logo on solid tees so it could stand out for all ages :))

The name "Boy Meets Girl®" has a lot of sentimental value, so when people ask me how I came up with the name, and of course where the logo came from, it's a story that I love to tell.

It was the first time I met my (now) husband's parents for dinner at their apartment. We had only been dating for a few months but while they were giving me the tour, I noticed a picture frame containing silhouettes of their three children from when they were younger.  My parents had a similar picture of my sister and I from when we were about the same age.  I thought about us and how we both still had these young, playful, carefree versions of ourselves and I knew right then and there my brand would be called Boy Meets Girl® and that I’d use our silhouettes for the logo.  The logo driven product came first and we have been growing the collection organically from there.
To me learning about the origin of where a creation starts is so exciting. If you did not already know how I developed the name and logo of my brand,  I hope you learned something new today.  



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