Behind the Seams: RIP Marvin Traub

July 12, 2012
I was going back and forth if I was going to share with you my last communication with Marvin Traub but I decided I have always been loyal to you all and this blog has been a Journal of my world Behind the Seams™ since my first entry in 2008. I love to share with you everything that is happening with me and my world so below is an email exchange with Marvin on 03/16/12 after I had emailed him to tell him how proud I was to see the full coverage on him in WWD. His response was so beautiful "Lee and I are very proud of the articles-it brought back many aspects of my career. It has created a response from friends throughout the world. We appreciate your note." Marvin
For those of you who do not know who Marvin Traub is please read the WWD coverage on him to get full coverage. David Moin from WWD captures the essence of who Marvin is and was. Marvin was truly a retail legend. A brilliant merchant, innovator and mentor to an entire industry of professionals. 
 I am grateful to have know Marvin and have had his support as I have building my brand. I was looking forward to sitting down with him this year to really talk more about aspects of the business. You will be missed. Thank you and your team for always believing in me. xo Stacy


 Below is a dedicated section in my Lockerz Collections called Genius ..this is where I put PEOPLE/ITEMS/CREATIONS/ARTIST/ETC inside that I think are Genius's . Marvin was a true GENIUS.


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