Midnight Inspirations: Meet our July Mini-Muse of the Month

July 16, 2012

Introducing our July ‘12 Mini-Muse of the Month, Morgan!

Morgan is especially inspiring to me because she is my oldest niece(I promised Morgan's twin brother my nephew Max to feature him one day too. He has great style too!). You saw her younger sister, Sam in last month's post from the Danskin photo shoot! No matter where we are or what we're doing we always have a blast together. Even though Morgan is only 9 years old, to me she seems like she is practically going on 25! I love her and our time together and wanted you to all see what an amazing Mini-Muse she is :))

1. Name: Morgan 

2. Favorite charity/cause to support and why?
BullyBust is my favorite charity because bullying is bad and I want it to stop in schools and all over. I talked to my school Principal about the charity BullyBust and bringing a speaker into our school. It's Amazing what words can do. My Principal said after the speaker came in to talk about bullying in our school that the bullying in our school stopped. I hope bullying will stop in all other schools like it did in mine.

3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® Item?
I really like the "Time Tee" because I can put a bright tank top under it and make it look really summery. Also for Fall I can put a Boy Meets Girl® hoodie over it. 
Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone!
If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see rules here.  

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