Midnight Inspirations: Summer Birthday Gifts

August 24, 2012
I love the summer for two reasons. the first, of course is the warm weather! The second, so many of my girlfriends have birthdays to celebrate! So in salute of summer birthdays check out
my summer must haves :)

1. For the girl who can't get enough sparkle- my new Boy Meets Girl® X Jimmy Crystal Accessories is now available on Lockerz! See the whole collection which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair barrettes and pins!! 

2. For the girl who loves the beach- This Mar Y Sol Elliote Woven Raffia Fedora and Laugoa Gypsy Bag in Purple are must-haves for all your favorite beach babes. A chic way to protect their hair and scalp, and a tote bag to keep all their personal items safe from the sand :)) Both items available on Lockerz in a variety of colors! 

3. For the active girl who loves working out- Core Fusion has lots of great classes at Exhale spa in NYC! An amazing workout and keeps you from feeling guilty all summer about those yummy birthday cakes :))

4. For the girl who gets cold inside (from all the AC's blasting) and cold outside (walking the beach at night)- she needs the Boy Meets GirlⓇ  Coco Hoodie to keep you warm no matter where you get chilly! 
of course when you buy them on Lockerz you can use your PTZ to get it 50% off! 

What gifts are on your summer birthday list!?


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