Behind the Seams-Q&A with Claudine De Sola

September 6, 2012
Today I'm bringing you Behind the Seams with me & Claudine De Sola. Claudine and I met 10+ years ago (wow!). In the time that we have known each other we have formed not only a professional relationship, but a real amazing friendship and bond. We understand each other and know what it means to really work 24/7. Claudine recently got me a birthday present that says "make do" on it. This present could not have been more perfect. We make do and make things happen even when things get crazy. I am so grateful for our business and personal relationship. Life moves fast and sometimes we don't stop and say THANK YOU or DO YOU KNOW HOW AMAZING YOU ARE or THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME and BELIEVING in ME. So today I bring you the extraordinary Claudine De Sola: a female entrepreneur, a Dj, a rockstar, a publicist, a stylist, and an amazing friend. Learn more about her below then scroll down further for details on tonight's Fashion's Night Out event I'm co-hosting with Claudine. See you tonight!! #NYMADE

Hope to see you at FNO :)


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