Midnight Inspirations: Native Union Pop Phones

September 28, 2012
Happy Friday everyone! So I have tell you all about my new favorite accessory, Native Union Pop Phones! How fun are these? You can now play telephone with me!
Me on the step&repeat showing off my silver pop phone!

You can plug them into your cell phone and can talk on it like an old school telephone! So cool and much better for you too! We included these in our gift-bags at my Boy Meets Girl(R) 
New York Fashion Week show presented by Lockerz.com and they were a total hit! I actually discovered Pop Phones when I was in the Hamptons over the summer and found them in my favorite surf store in South Hampton and bought one in blue. So I was stoked when Pop Phones wanted to collaborate with me for my VIP NYFW bags :) 
Models Julija and Hao playing around with the blue and purple Pop Phones from their giftbags!

 Which color is your favorite? Native Union Pop Phones are available here! You know I am a hello kitty girl too so check these out as well here in their special collaboration section. I am hoping to do a collaboration with Pop Phones too in the future. Stay Tuned!

Do you use a Pop Phone?


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