what I wore: FNO & NYFW

September 27, 2012
Fashion Week is always crazy for me from co-hosting FNO, to attending other friends Fashion Shows, to business Dinners and my own NYFW show! So of course wanted to take you into what I wore :)

Photo Credit: Steve Mack(Getty)
Dress: Vintage Boy Meets Girl®
Coat/Dress: Vintage Brocade similar style here
Necklace: Vintage Jade
Lapel pins (#sportscollars): Boy Meets Girl® available here
Rings: Vintage and Boy Meets Girl® available here and here
Shoes: Vintage Miu Miu similiar style here 
Hair & Makeup: me 

I had such an amazing time at my Boy Meets Girl® New York Fashion Week Show presented by Lockerz.com. One of my favorite pieces from the new collection is the Forever Young Crop Top! I love showing off my American pride(90% of the collection is made in the USA and 2 of the pieces were locally made in NYC) in this crop top which can easily be dressed up for an event (as seen below) or just hanging out with friends!

 Photo Credit: Thomas Concorida Photography
Dress: Vintage BCBG
Crop top worn over dress "Forever Young": Boy Meets Girl® available here
Necklace: "Bob Collar" made in NYC collaboration piece with Jean&Merce available here
Lapel pins (#sportscollars) worn on "Bob Collar": Boy Meets Girl® available here
Rings: Vintage and Boy Meets Girl® available here and here
Bracelet: Boy Meets Girl® available here
Shoes: special event shoes from Dj Blue Steel -Christian Dior
Hair: Shabtai Hafif 
Makeup: Inglot sponsor of NYFW Bethany Townes
Nails: Inglot sponsor of NYFW Janet Deschamps

Have you watched the NYFW video yet? Watch it here! Hope you liked my outfits & nails! What did you wear?


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