Behind the Seams: Webseries and Item/Items of the Day!

October 4, 2012
Hey guys!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thursday! Over the course of the year you have seen my web series launch exclusively on where I took you all into the world Behind The Seams™ with me (you can still watch them here).  It was an amazing and a crazy experience to have cameras on me every second while working 24/7. You got to see the real me. There was no acting everything was REAL. I did my makeup and hair for almost all of the episodes unless it was an event or someone was doing my hair and make up for a tip video like the episode with my good friend Tara Smith.

 I was recently asked to be in a BIG network REALITY show but I didn't feel it would be TRUE to ME or YOU to do this particular show as if you all watched my web series you know who I am and I didn't want a show to portray or edit me to be someone I am not. So I recently decided to start my own unedited 45 second videos for you called Stacy's Item/Items of the Day that I will bring you everyday until.... hmm that until can mean many things but I will let you think about that and in the mean time let me know how you like these new dailies with me. They are UNEDITED and REAL. I am telling you about my favorite item or items of the day.
*note these videos are being filmed on my social cam account and then shared onto the Boy Meets Girl(R) youtube account that then get shared onto my Lockerz collection as seen above. I also share these videos on my Facebook Fan page as well as the Boy Meets Girl(R) tumblr account as well as the Stacy Igel twitter. Do you think that is a lot of sharing or what!? But I love to share the love :)

If you want to be featured in the Stacy's Item/Items of the Day, you know where to reach me :)


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