Entrepreneurship: Recap of FDNY Fashion Digital Conference

October 17, 2012
Last week I attended the FDNY Fashion Digital Conference held in NYC and produced by Sandy Hussain, my good friend, and Managing Partner of OliviaPalermo.com. The day was all about ways to drive online conversions; selling your product and developing creative business strategies in fashion e-commerce. 


Of course I was excited to attend as a guest but when Sandy asked me to speak on one of the panels I was thrilled. The panel was titled “The Disruptors” and moderated by Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Editor of the Financial Times. The other panelists included Aslaug Magnusdottir, the CEO of Moda Operandi; David Gilboa, founder of Warby Parker; Divya Gugnani of Send the Trend and Nita Rollins, a futurist. A very diverse panel! I didn’t know what to expect but in the end I had a great time and was honored to be part of this distinguished group. Check out this clip from the panel where I talk about our partnership with Lockerz and our “Buy Now Wear Now” Fashion Show for this past New York Fashion Week. 

It was so interesting watching and listening to the other panels and discussions going on at the conference. I started my day listening to the morning Keynote by my friend Greg Selkoe, CEO and founder of Karmaloop and ended with Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, the afternoon Keynote speaker. I loved hearing Greg talking about Karmaloop in it’s beginning stages and hearing some of the initiatives that he thought would work but didn’t and those he thought might not work, but turned out to be successful with his followers! When I heard Mindy talk about how she started having town hall meetings to give her employees the personal attention which she says is the key to any successful brand, this really hit home for me because I like to give my team that personal attention too. She said it helped people see her as an accessible boss, and someone who would listen and ultimately benefited the whole company. she speaks from lots of experience, and as a fan of HSN and her work, I found it fascinating!

Who else was there? What was your favorite part of the conference?



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