Behind the Seams: My Fuzion Magazine photoshoot

November 29, 2012
I'm so excited to show you guys my feature in Fuzion Magazine! This was such an amazing shoot! In the midst of all the NYFW madness I took a few hours "after hours" (because yes I never sleep) to play dress up around the office and shoot with the very talented Jennifer Rose Keany! 

Check out the full feature on Fuzion Magazine here!
what I am wearing: Suit- Kal Reiman, Tee Boy Meets Girl(R), Jewelry my own, bangle bracelets by Amrita Singh,Shoes Adidas 

what I am wearing: Skirt Vintage, Tee Boy Meets Girl(R), Jewelry my own, Shoes BC Shoes

what I am wearing: Jacket/Pants Warehouse, Top Boy Meets Girl(R), Necklace stylist Fatiah own, Hair Piece Collaboration with Jean&Merce,  Shoes my special Christian Dior's

what I am wearing: Top Boy Meets Girl(R), Necklace stylist Fatiah own and Amrita Singh , Hair Piece Collaboration with Jean&Merce,  Rings Boy Meets Girl(R), Bracelets my own Kara Ross and Tiffany

what I am wearing: my vintage collection and Boy Meets Girl(R) lapel pins and bracelet by Amrita Singh

Here are some fun "Behind the Seams" shots from the shoot!

pBS268 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Stylists: Fatiah Rebbekah &Stacy Igel (mwa)
Hair/Make/Nail artists: Renarda Joy
Photographer: Jennifer Rose Keany

Fuzion also had a launch party unveiling the November cover and my story! Here are a few pictures from the event!

and even more check out this video BTS

Also thank you Fuzion Team and Dj Jackson and Dj MM for your help on this shoot!

What's your favorite look from the shoot?

Behind the Seams: Check out this Video!

November 28, 2012

My tips: DIY collars

November 27, 2012
As you know I am a huge fan of COLLARS, even inventing my own type seen here in a past post called #sportscollars Mania! So I wanted to show you guys how to make your own DIY collars!  I brought on DJ platform who last summer I featured in this post here to give us some fun Holiday Tips to DIY your collars with your family over the Holiday's. Thank you DJ Platform for these crafty tips. 

Step 1: Get your supplies! For this project you will need a graphic tee (we chose Lockerz tee) and spikes/grommets or studs(we chose Boy Meets Girl® studs)

shirt, spikes / grommets/ or studs ­ we used 32 in ours, glue or a hot glue

gun, and color stickers.

Step 2: Mark out a collar shape on one half of the tee shirt. We used sticky

dots to mark ours evenly. For the collar shape we did our row closest to the

collar had 8, the next row had 4, and the following had 3. Depending on the

look your going for add one more row of 1 for a pointy look or to keep it

rounded make the row of 3 your last.

Step 3: Plug in your hot glue gun or get your glue ready for the following

Step 4: Pull off each sticky one at a time and place a spike / grommet / or
stud down to make sure you like the placement of everything before gluing it
down. (see image above)

Step 5: Use your hot glue gun or glue to stick each spike / grommet / stud
in place. (see image above)

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 ­ 6 on the other side of your tee shirt!

Voila! You now have a hand crafted collar- a great addition to any basic tee

shirt you already have in your closet!

What DIY projects have you guys been working on? 

Midnight Inspirations: What I am THANKFUL for!

November 21, 2012
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day to spend time with family & friends, eat yummy food and reflect on what's important to us. Every year I like to take a few moments and think about what I'm truly thankful for in my life. This year has been an incredible year and it is very hard to some it all up in words without sharing a novel with you. So thanks to shooting most of my life and my brand now in real time these days via all our social platforms like Instagram, Lockerz, Pose, etc. I have put a montage together of what I am thankful for. Thank you family, friends, BFF's, Team(DJ's).  Have a happy and healthy thanksgiving. xo Stacy
Thanks to GIF I had a GIF party below :) Enjoy!

5gjlzG on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

ROpeNx on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

XMC5za on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

3GDJsq on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

p.s. a few team members and friends and family are missing from the photos please note I am so grateful for you all. xo

Midnight Inspirations: Gone till November

November 19, 2012
Happy Monday everyone! As you all know I was honored to work with Wyclef Jean for my NYFW show this past September (if you haven't seen the show check it out here). I recently saw Clef perform live after NYFW here in NYC at the City Winery and I have always been in love with this song "Gone Till November" so thought it would great to start off your day with music Monday with Wyclef :)  Hope everyone has a great week!

Here are a few other clips I caught of Wyclef a few weeks ago. Enjoy!
(hope you like my commentary lol!)

What's your favorite Wyclef and/or Fugees song?

Behind the Seams: Introducing my first college collection for Boy Meets Girl(R) University!

November 16, 2012
I have very exciting news today! I'm pleased to introduce you guys to Boy Meets Girl®'s first collection of COLLEGE merchandise Boy Meets Girl® University by Boy Meets Girl®! 
Our first schools include my Alma mater the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Clemson, and the University of Virginia. One of my favorite photographers Marc Mez shot our new college collection! To find a book store near you, check out the listings here where you can find the new college items! 

jLvJ0g on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I launched my line "deesh " (now Boy Meets Girl®) my senior year of college in a brick and mortar store I used to work at called Scochi in Madison, Wisconsin! I sold my line on Spring Break to other college girls from Penn, Michigan, Duke, etc and one of my first customers from NYC was Noah Tepperberg. Noah and I met at a payphone before their were cell phones (yes I am out-dating myself) and the rest is history. My best friends from college were my models around the pool and literally I was selling these shirts as seen on the model below off our backs! 
Defiantly feeling a full circle moment ;). More to come...

What schools would you like to see us do next?

Midnight Inspirations: Meet our November Muse of the Month!

November 14, 2012

Introducing our November ‘12 Muse of the Month (and birthday Girl), Amanda!

1. Name: Amanda Dawn also known as Fearlessbeauty17 on Youtube

2.  Favorite charity/cause to support and why? 

My favorite charity would have to be the American Red Cross because of everything that they do to help others in need. They are always willing to help as many people as they can. With Hurricane Sandy just being here, they are doing everything they can to help get food & shelter to those in need. They are a charity inspires me want to help others in need. Visit their website for more information!

3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® Item:
I love my Forever Young Crop Top because it can be styled in so many ways! It can be edgy, girly, classic, etc! It is so comfortable and the american flag boy and girl are so adorable! I did a video styling this piece too! Watch it HERE!! 

I’m obsessed with this video!! Thank you Amanda for sharing it with us and making it a part of our Muse feature:))

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone!
If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!  


p.s. Check out all of Amanda’s Collections on LOCKERZ!! 

You can also stay in touch with Amanda via:
Twitter: @ad17xx
Instagram: @ad17xx

Behind the Seams: Q&A with Boy Meets Girl® model Hali Burns

November 12, 2012
I'm so excited to introduce you guys to one of my absolute favorite models to work with, Hali Burns. I first met Hali two years ago when I cast her to shoot looks for I loved Hali from the minute I met her. She just has that "IT" girl thing. Her aura is infectious and she knows how to work that camera aka why she is an incredible model. I love finding a fresh face and introducing that face to my fans. Over the past two years Hali has been featured in tons of campaigns for magazines like Seventeen Magazine and brands like Steve Madden and many more. I am so proud of Hali and love watching her evolve into a SUPER MODEL. This past NYFW, Hali walked in my show. Check it out here!
Learn more about Hali below and definitely keep your eye out for Hali as this is just the beginning of a HUGE career.

You can keep up with Hali here on Instagram @HaliKai


what I wore: to the NSCC's annual fundraising event, Share! Create! Unite! To Combat Bullying

November 8, 2012
Hey guys! As I mentioned last week, I was honored to be apart of the NSCC's annual fundraising event, Share! Create! Unite! To Combat Bullying. It was such an amazing evening and I was honored to attend! Check out my outfit details below! I loved wearing my "power suit!" 

Suit: Reiss (see suit below)  
Shirt: Vintage Boy Meets Girl(R) Stand Up against bullying T-shirt (similar tee here)
Shoes: Miu Miu Vintage (see similair looks below)
Necklace:  Vintage (see similar looks below)

How do you like my "power suit" and how I styled my look? 

Behind the Seams: Working with the LESGC

November 6, 2012
with LESGC Nova who shadowed DJ MM on social media :))
with LESGC Joanne who shadowed me! xo 
I learned about the The Lower Eastside Girls Club a few years ago through Rosario Dawson, a good friend of mine and advocate for the organization and one of its Board of Directors. It gives young women a place to learn about the arts and different leadership programs, such as fashion and photography. In the process of growing Boy Meets Girl® UniversityI was so excited to learn about this organization from Rosario and eager to join forces. It seemed like a natural fit and aligned with my vision for BMGU. Since the club already offered educational programs I thought what better place to learn about them than through the real experience of a New York Fashion Week Show! I talked about this opportunity with Rosario and we connected with the team at the LESGC and my team at Boy Meets Girl® and joined forces.

A week before the show 13 girls(of the 18) came to visit me and my team at my showroom! At this meeting, I talked to the girls about what their roles would be at NYFW and who they would be "shadowing" and gave them a brief on the brand and the flow of the show. I got a one on one with the girls as I knew at the show this time would not be there due to the madness of show day. This was a very special day for me and I loved every moment getting to know these amazing girls and educating them on the fashion world.
Shot by Lou Dembrow (LESGC Photography and Media Programs Director)
We gave the girls Boy Meets Girl® Drip tees to wear day of show, which they all ROCKED in their own personal style! Once the girls got to the venue on the day of the show, they went to work right away shadowing our photographers, social media team, hairstylists, makeup artists, models, talent and me! I definitely believe this helped educate them on the madness of a fashion week production. See more of their fabulous photographs from the day HERE! I have to give a shout out to student photographers Jennifer Flores, Krista Lamar, Valeria Crispin and of course Lou Dembrow, for capturing all these amazing moments and working closely with photographer Sophie Elgort and Kevin B. Winebold! I also wanted to share with you these blog posts of girls from the Club who wrote about their experience at the show!! These posts really capture the show. Great job Cristine Sanchez & Nova M BajamontiNova's post-show blog!

Working with the girls assured me that I’m doing exactly what I am meant to do. I love teaching others, whether it be younger students or older students and my own team, and in the process giving them the knowledge to pursue their dreams but to always keep a piece of them that’s FOREVER YOUNG and to continue on their desired career paths in confidence. 
Thank you again Rosario for this introduction to an incredible organization.
LESGC blogger Cristine, Me, Rosario
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the LESGC has families that are still in need. Things like packaged foods, dry goods, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, blankets, pillows, towels and bedding etc. These items can be dropped off at the Girls Club for the next few weeks located at 56 East 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. Let's all do our part to help out :))
Additionally, I wanted to thank the Huffpost Voces and for featuring this collaboration in these articles
Can’t wait to work with the girls again soon!!


My Tips: Donating to the "Sandy" Hurricane Victims

November 2, 2012
I just landed back in NYC after being stuck in my hometown Chicago this week and today went straight to work. But, I did not feel complete just going to work and not giving back to my other home NYC. I was fortunate to be stuck in Chicago during this disaster and I was also lucky as my home did not get hit.
So tomorrow please join me for a **HURRICANE CHARITY EVENT** with my friends from Miss New York USA whom will be collecting any clothing, food, canned goods, etc TOMORROW
WHERE: St. Clement's Church (located at 423 W. 46th Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue)
NOTE: The goods will then be driven to to Staten Island(where my Sister was born and my parents once lived)!


I look forward to hearing what you will do to help those in need at this time. 

My Tips: How to wear Boy Meets Girl® Fall pieces Part I

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I'll take any excuse to layer up (I layer all summer too)! Here are a few of my favorite items from the new Boy Meets Girl® line exclusive online on The prices are amazing everything is under $100(and this week you can snag 60% off with 500PTZ on Lockerz only until 11/5)! Definitely check these pieces out and send me pics if you scoop them up. Promise you will fall in love :) I post select photos of your photos on my personal instagram, lockerz collectionsFB fan page and Boy Meets Girl®'s facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and Lockerz sites as well! So share share share :)

The Ami sweater is the perfect color for fall! This wine and fuchsia striped long-sleeved sweater looks great on its own or layered under a classic white button up like the Sanctuary Top.

Model: Hali
Model: Me
Tip: layer with a button down to bring in the Collar effect. I chose to layer with a pale pink color to go with the two tone colors in the sweater. I also added a touch of bling to my lapel collars which is big for this season. Tip you can add sparkle to your collars using Boy Meets Girl® pins or opp for vintage pins!

The Jarina Top is cozy and cool. It has a sweatshirt-like feel and has a keyhole on back that adds the perfect touch of edge. Named after NYFW performer Jarina De Marco.

Model: Hali

Model: Me
Tip: Again I like to layer! I think this is key to styling your look this season.  I accented my look with a hint of floral. 

See more Fall/Winter Boy Meets Girl® styles at!

How would you style these two tops? Do you like layering as much as I do?