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Behind the Seams: Working with the LESGC

with LESGC Nova who shadowed DJ MM on social media :))
with LESGC Joanne who shadowed me! xo 
I learned about the The Lower Eastside Girls Club a few years ago through Rosario Dawson, a good friend of mine and advocate for the organization and one of its Board of Directors. It gives young women a place to learn about the arts and different leadership programs, such as fashion and photography. In the process of growing Boy Meets Girl® UniversityI was so excited to learn about this organization from Rosario and eager to join forces. It seemed like a natural fit and aligned with my vision for BMGU. Since the club already offered educational programs I thought what better place to learn about them than through the real experience of a New York Fashion Week Show! I talked about this opportunity with Rosario and we connected with the team at the LESGC and my team at Boy Meets Girl® and joined forces.

A week before the show 13 girls(of the 18) came to visit me and my team at my showroom! At this meeting, I talked to the girls about what their roles would be at NYFW and who they would be "shadowing" and gave them a brief on the brand and the flow of the show. I got a one on one with the girls as I knew at the show this time would not be there due to the madness of show day. This was a very special day for me and I loved every moment getting to know these amazing girls and educating them on the fashion world.
Shot by Lou Dembrow (LESGC Photography and Media Programs Director)
We gave the girls Boy Meets Girl® Drip tees to wear day of show, which they all ROCKED in their own personal style! Once the girls got to the venue on the day of the show, they went to work right away shadowing our photographers, social media team, hairstylists, makeup artists, models, talent and me! I definitely believe this helped educate them on the madness of a fashion week production. See more of their fabulous photographs from the day HERE! I have to give a shout out to student photographers Jennifer Flores, Krista Lamar, Valeria Crispin and of course Lou Dembrow, for capturing all these amazing moments and working closely with photographer Sophie Elgort and Kevin B. Winebold! I also wanted to share with you these blog posts of girls from the Club who wrote about their experience at the show!! These posts really capture the show. Great job Cristine Sanchez & Nova M BajamontiNova's post-show blog!

Working with the girls assured me that I’m doing exactly what I am meant to do. I love teaching others, whether it be younger students or older students and my own team, and in the process giving them the knowledge to pursue their dreams but to always keep a piece of them that’s FOREVER YOUNG and to continue on their desired career paths in confidence. 
Thank you again Rosario for this introduction to an incredible organization.
LESGC blogger Cristine, Me, Rosario
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the LESGC has families that are still in need. Things like packaged foods, dry goods, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, blankets, pillows, towels and bedding etc. These items can be dropped off at the Girls Club for the next few weeks located at 56 East 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. Let's all do our part to help out :))
Additionally, I wanted to thank the Huffpost Voces and for featuring this collaboration in these articles
Can’t wait to work with the girls again soon!!




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