Midnight Inspirations: What I am THANKFUL for!

November 21, 2012
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day to spend time with family & friends, eat yummy food and reflect on what's important to us. Every year I like to take a few moments and think about what I'm truly thankful for in my life. This year has been an incredible year and it is very hard to some it all up in words without sharing a novel with you. So thanks to shooting most of my life and my brand now in real time these days via all our social platforms like Instagram, Lockerz, Pose, etc. I have put a montage together of what I am thankful for. Thank you family, friends, BFF's, Team(DJ's).  Have a happy and healthy thanksgiving. xo Stacy
Thanks to GIF I had a GIF party below :) Enjoy!

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p.s. a few team members and friends and family are missing from the photos please note I am so grateful for you all. xo

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  1. Awe. Great post Stacy!! I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!