Midnight Inspirations: My favorite timeless love story Kate & Johnny

December 31, 2012
Hey guys! I can't believe that 2012 has come to a close! What a year it has been!  I wanted to end this year with one of my favorite things. You all know how much I love Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Their style is one that I've been fascinated year after year. So enjoy an end of the year taste into MORE of my favorite pics of Johnny & Kate! See you in 2013!!!
Via My Instagram: I love how #sun reflection here . For some reason this #photo of my #fav #couple #johnnydepp and #katemoss from my #blog came to mind as a perfect match for this feeling of these plants moving in the wind . #photoofthenight 

Via My Instagram:  I just love their #beauty and #style back then . Look at how #flawless she is here

Via My Instagram: DJ blue steel got me this #wallet for #Chanukah . It's amazing and you know my love for #katemoss and #johnnydepp #style from the 90's #happygirl

What Boy/Girl couples style to you love year after year?

Behind the Seams Q&A with Ike Barinholtz from The Mindy Project

December 28, 2012
Wow! I cannot believe this is my last Behind the Seams™ with Stacy Igel post until 2013! I am so excited about this BTS Q&A with my best guy friend Ike Barinholtz who signed my Ketubah(lol!). This is also my FIRST BTS with a BOY. And this Boy aka Ikey is one to know. Ike and I have known each other since we were 3 years old. I actually think he is my oldest friend in the whole wide world. Is that crazy or what?! I am going to try and keep this short because I have so much to say about my dear friend and now superstar but it is hard to condense into one paragraph. If you don't watch the Mindy Project  make sure you DVR this show because Ike is hilarious in it and he is also one of the writers on the show with my other great friend David Stassen. Ike and I have similar journeys just in different fields. Building a career and a dream takes hard work and patience and over the past decade we have been cheerleaders for one another always on the sidelines rooting for each other. I will never forget visiting Los Angeles in 2001and Ike and our friend Seth Meyers driving me to Fred Segal and Lisa Kline to show my line. Ike and Seth would sit in the car as I went in with a rolling bag to show my designs to the store managers and buyers. I actually made a sale while they were waiting in the car for me! This is one of many things Ike has done for me as a friend. I am so excited for you to learn more about him all below. Enjoy! And thanks Ikey for being part of BTS.

You can keep up with Ike via...
       -Twitter: here

Everyone make sure to watch The Mindy Project, Tuesdays at 9:30pm EST on Fox!!


Midnight Inspirations: A Man's Story documentary

December 26, 2012

I'm so excited about today's post! I'm a huge fan of Ozwald Boateng! My good friend Tara Smith introduced me to Ozwald when I was last in London(2010) and I was fortunate to be able to attend his INCREDIBLE fashion show. I had never seen a show like this in my life. I was in awe by his fashion week show and curious to learn and see more. I was surprised I did not know this "Man's Story".  Being someone who has grown a brand from scratch I love learning about others who are self made. I love reading about other entrepreneurs and how they got started. I read a ton of biographies and autobiographies and I hope to share my own with you one day too. So thank goodness you too can learn all about Ozwald too in his documentary called "A Man's Story".  I was invited to go to his premiere but unfortunately was out of town so I sent DJ Jackson in my place.
She captured Ozwald here with Varon Bonicos who spent a decade of his life following Boateng through his journey "behind the scenes". 

This is a documentary you must check out. I was able to see it on DVD and you can too
 here on Amazon.com and/or here on Itunes!
I have had cameras follow me over the years filming my show BTS but this is someone filming Ozwald Boateng for 10+ years! You really get to understand the journey of a designer here. You get a taste of the highs and lows. I get every move Ozwald Boateng goes through here. I applaud you Ozwald for your perseverance and your talent. Everyone this is a must see. Two thumbs up! 

Have you seen "A Man's Story" yet?

Contest & Giveaways: UPDATE- Bloglovin, Boy Meets Girl, Lockerz Contest

December 21, 2012
Hey guys!
We’ve seen so many great contest entries so far that we’ve decided to extend the submission period through January 6th. You now have an extra two weeks to perfect your entries. I wanna see all that you got! 

If you have any additional questions about how to enter, check out my past blog post where I announced the contest and also give an example of how to enter!

Check out some of the amazing entries (above) that we've seen so far and stay tuned for January 9th to find out who our Grand Prize Winner is! I am sooooo excited!

Midnight inspirations: Holiday Vacation Spots

December 19, 2012
I cannot believe it is that time of the year. It's the HOLIDAYS! What? Yes it is true.

I love seeing the lights and the decorations.
photo shot by me on Instagram

  I love seeing the style on the streets
photo not shot by me found on Tumblr

  I love seeing the midst in the sky
photo shot by me on Instagram

  I love changing my hair style or at least considering it lol!
photo found on tumblr

 and drummmm rollll I love getting away to special places(close & far) while I get a little (i say a little gently) down time. 

Here are some of my favorite holiday spots...  

1. Mystic, Connecticut- close to NYC. It’s a small town but has great restaurants, shopping and places to visit such as the Mystic Pizza shop from the 1988 movie with Julia Roberts!! 

2. New York City-- for me this is a staycation but there are so many great things to do here! There’s the tree in Rockefeller Center, the holiday windows at all the department stores and amazing museum exhibits. There is currently an Andy Warhol exhibit showing at The MET Museum through December 31 and a collection of new prints at the MoMA including Picasso and Matisse pieces through January 7, 2013. There is also a James Bond exhibit at the MoMA through April 2013, which I might have to take DJ Blue Steel to!

3. This was taken last year while I got away during X-mas time to a special place called Costa Rica. Costa Rica has an amazing place for newbie SURFERS and a school if you want to spend a few days working on your skills in Tamarindo called Witch's Rock that I have not been to twice. I wish I could say I was a good surfer but to me the holidays are not about being competitive rather just letting loose and enjoying life. 

Where do you guys like to escape to for the holidays??? Or do you stay home and catch up on your DVR?? ;)) Whatever you do, hope you have a wonderful time doing it! It’s a great time to relax and enjoy it!

My Tips: to "keep warm" and "chic" as the weather gets cooler

December 17, 2012
Its that time of the year again when the temperature begins to drop and you need to start worrying about bundling up! I seriously cannot believe it is that time again. Where did 2012 go!?  This season is one that’s filled with layers upon layers and staying chic while keeping warm.

Here are some ways you can be warm and stylish at the same time...

1. Sweaters and knits! Sweaters and knits are both great “keep warm” items and layer super well- try wearing an oxford under a big sweater to create a more preppy look. This winter I've been practically living in my Ami Sweater. It’s warm and cozy and the pop of color will brighten up any dark winter day. For lounging around at home, the Classic Boy Meets Girl® Coco Hoodie is warm and when you get too warm, you can unzip and take off. The Cris Hoodie will also keep you warm and cozy and it's just as cute as the guy it's named after ;))

Get the look with some of these denim and button down alternatives: 

2. Tights, leggings and even denim underneath a dress or skirt with a great pair of boots. That also adds another layer to help keep you warm. Try Boy Meets Girl®'s  Baez Leggings or one of my all-time favorite looks as you can see in this photo below from my Fall 2011 NYFW Show with Natasha Bedingfield, wearing my boots with the Boy Meets Girl® patterned tights. I love the way leggings look with this Casey Dress like you saw on the runway below for NYFW. 

get the look with some of these other fun tights alternatives: 

3. Layers on Layers is my absolute favorite aspect of “keeping warm” in these chilly months. I also love wearing Boy Meets Girl® tees such as the Alice Tee and tanks underneath sweaters just in case I get too warm when I’m inside! I love this Jarina Keyhole Top because it fits and feels just like a sweatshirt so I can layer with different tops underneath to not only keep me warm, but to add a touch of my personal style.  

Also as seen below pair a short sleeve sweatshirt with a button down underneath to keep you warm :) You can tell I love this look!

4. A great jacket! It will keep you warm when the weather is chilly, and when you step inside it's an outfit in itself! The Boy Meets Girl®  faux-leather jacket collection introduced at New York Fashion Week will complete any oufit and look great with a warm scarf and any pair of boots. Add a warm sweater underneath the Jamie or Julie Jacket (named after two of my bff's) and you have the perfect amount of edge. You're ready for a night out on the town! You can also add a fun tee underneath the jackets, such as the Live Free Top and Many Hearts Tank, for a more casual look.. 
love these two different looks taken from our NYFW runway
5. Wear a statement necklace or layer several different necklaces under a great scarf. Instead of just wearing your scarf to keep you warm on your way to school/the office/errands etc make it a part of your outfit. Layer some chain necklaces (BoyGirl) like ours made with Swarovski crystals, underneath and above your scarf to add detail and excitement to the staple “keep warm” piece. You can even wear the "Bob" Collar Necklace that I designed with Jean& Merce underneath your scarf so you can rock it when the scarf comes off!

How do you stay warm and chic when it’s cold outside?? Share your tips here!

Midnight Inspirations: The big BANG debate

December 14, 2012
I’m so so happy with my recent decision to go for bangs! Crazy to think it was almost TWO YEARS ago that I started to think about getting them (Dj NielleKat never thought I would do it for real!). In this post HERE you can see how I sort of got bangs in 2010 by hair stylist Rodney Groves after a shoot, but really doing it was always on my mind.
one thing that has not changed is my LOVE of red lipstick :))

I let my hair grow back out for the next couple years.. By the time NYFW rolled around on September 12th, it had gotten so long!! 
Photo by Thomas Concordia/WireImage 2012
It was only a couple weeks later, but by the end of September I was ready for a change! I told myself I was just going to do it! Ahhhh Live Out Loud moment! This was right after with my NYC hairstylist Wing! I couldn't be happier with my decision! It is definitely a Girl thing. DJ Bluesteel likes but the girls love more.  

Have you guys ever changed your hairstyle even though you were scared to do it?? Would love to hear your stories :))

P.S. Check out some of my other favorite hairstyles in my Lockerz
Hair Style Collection!! 

Contest & Giveaways: Bloglovin, Boy Meets Girl, Lockerz Contest

December 10, 2012
So excited to announce this contest.. me and my brand Boy Meets Girl® teamed up with Bloglovin’ and Lockerz to offer you the chance to win this Outrageous Fashion Week experience! 

I’m especially excited about the prizes because I get to work with one of you guys! The winner will receive the following:
1. A trip to NYC in February to attend the Boy Meets Girl® by Stacy Igel New York Fashion Week Show and the 2013 Bloglovin’ Awards!
2. A $250 Gift Certificate to Boy Meets Girl® product on Lockerz
3. Assist me in designing a runway look for New York Fashion Week!
4. See the design come down this runway
5. The limited edition item will be produced and sold exclusively in the Boy Meets Girl® shop on Lockerz beginning in March 2013!
6. And to top it off get to have a one on one with me and some of the Boy Meets Girl® & Bloglovin' team members at a NYC hot spot for dinner.  

Head to bloglovin’ here for all of the Contest details and find out what you have to do to enter! And see this contest entry I put together as an example of what you guys need to do! Hope to see you in February! Feel free to tweet us and ask questions using our contest hashtag #TAKEME2NYFW.. Good luck everyone!


P.S. The submission period ends on January 6th which is when I will be reviewing all of the Collection entries on LockerzOn January 9th, I will be announcing the Grand Prize winner based on Collections which get the most LOVES!

Contest Entry: Boy Meets bloglovin' Girl (example)

Hey guys,
So I technically cannot enter my own contest but I really want too lol! So instead I wanted to show you what my entries would look like. Below are examples if you are entering by a blog post or by a video post(you can enter with one). I am so excited to see all your entries and looking forward to working with the winner :) See you on the runway!

Note for both entries you will need to do this:
Create a collection on Lockerz.com with at least 15 Decalz, 5 being of Boy Meets Girl® merchandise to tell a story and show your design skills about why you should be chosen to design a product in the Stacy Igel Boy Meets Girl® collection. 
Name the collection - Boy Meets bloglovin’ Girl :) here is my example below. 

Blog post example 
I love fashion especially NYFW. One of the reasons why I love fashion is because I love working with people and being inspired by their styles and personalities and giving back thru what I do. Living in NYC, I am constantly inspired by people I see on the streets, musicians, entrepreneurs, Kate moss & Johnny Depp(from the 90's), bloggers and fashionistas. 
I’m going to give you my holy trinity of influences.  First, Coco Chanel, who famously said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  I agree. I think that’s why I am so happy working as hard as I do.  Second, Kate Moss. Of course she’s a beautiful and confident woman, but what I love about her is the way she effortlessly transitions from eclectic vintage to high fashion.  She never looks like she’s trying to put an outfit together – everything looks like it just naturally belongs on her body. Third, Patti Smith.  She’s stayed true to her edgy stylishness since the 70s.She’s unflappable.

Make sure all links are in your post as noted below: 
http://www.bloglovin.com/stacyigel (this is my personal link but can be just bloglovin.com)
Boy Meets Girl® “Forever Young” NYFW  recent video -

Video post example

Last step (super easy I promise):
Once your collection and blog post or video are finished, fill out the entry form on bloglovin’ here http://www.bloglovin.com/c/bmglockerz to submit yourself in the running!


P.S. The submission period ends on January 6th which is when I will be reviewing all of the Collection entries on LockerzOn January 9th, I will be announcing the Grand Prize winner based on Collections which get the most LOVES!

My tips: Home dip dye & tie-dying

December 7, 2012
So this past summer I played around with dip dying and tie-dying. It was so much fun! I took one of my old white Alice & Olivia dresses and made it have a blue dip dye effect at the bottom to cover the stains (lol!) and took a thrift store find white Steven Alan menswear button up and made it a red tie-dye all over print! It's a great way to update and make old things new again! This is also a great thing to do during the holidays for fun gifts. Instead of using your old clothes, go to a thrift store or somewhere that has inexpensive basics like H&M or Target and make a unique and one of a kind piece for your family or friends this holiday season! I am a big believer in that special touch this time of year. 

Follow these easy steps:

Supplies used: 
Rit dye, a small tub or other container for dye, salt, laundry detergent, a stick(or ruler) trash bags, rubber bands, rubber gloves, metal spoon, white garment (best in cotton, rayon, linen, silk or nylon)

1. Prepare dye: wearing rubber gloves, shake liquid dye bottle and measure 1/2 cup liquid dye or 1 box powder dye into a disposable container. Add 1 cup salt and 4 cups very hot water, stir well. 
2. Pour dye solution into a 3 gallon plastic bin or container. Add 2 gallons very hot water and squirt liquid detergent; stir well. 
3. Wet dress & top and squeeze excess water. 
4.  For the below I  tied rubber-bands in sections of the dress and button down in. I then soaked both in different lengths of time to create an ombre effect as seen below (timing I believe is where you can get creative and don't like to set exact time frames).
5. Hang dress and button down over night and next day get ready to rock.


Midnight Inspirations: Meet our December Muse of the Month!

December 4, 2012
Introducing our December ‘12 Muse of the Month, Diana!

1. Name: Diana Saldana 
2.  Favorite charity/cause to support and why? 
My favorite charity is Go Red For Women- an organization that  encourages awareness of women and heart disease. This is one of the organizations that my family and I have been supporting since I was a little girl. As a young girl I suffered from a heart disease the led me to have heart surgery at 19 years old. Now that I am healthy and no longer have any heart problems I want to do all I can to encourage women to learn about the many ways they can live a healthier life, get all the information they need about heart disease and share this information with their family, friends, and loved ones. Not only that but I think its important for us as women to support each other. If you want more information on "Go Red For Women" check out their website: http://www.goredforwomen.org/

3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® Item:
My favorite Boy Meets Girl® item has to be the Jamie Leather Jacket. I can wear it with basically anything in my closet. It's also amazingly warm which is perfect for the cold weather in New York. 

Click here to watch Diana's Boy Meets Girl® video Haul!  

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone!
If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!  


You can also stay in touch with Diana via:

Facebook- here
Youtube here 
Instagram- here 

what I wore: Fuzion Magazine Launch Party

December 3, 2012
Last week I shared with you my feature in Fuzion Magazine and was excited to attend the launch party for the issue as well. I was in a metallic British holiday mood and wanted to wear an outfit that reflected my love for London :)

 What I'm wearing:
Jacket: Walter
Dress: Jack Wills
Button down:  vintage J.Crew
Tights: Calvin Klein
Shoes: vintage
Bag: Guia's
Pin: Boy Meets Girl®
Headband: In God We Trust

Get the look with some of these other fun pieces below: 

Always love seeing my good friend Eunice and ShayStar. Thought our outfits all blended perfectly together :)