Midnight Inspirations: The big BANG debate

December 14, 2012
I’m so so happy with my recent decision to go for bangs! Crazy to think it was almost TWO YEARS ago that I started to think about getting them (Dj NielleKat never thought I would do it for real!). In this post HERE you can see how I sort of got bangs in 2010 by hair stylist Rodney Groves after a shoot, but really doing it was always on my mind.
one thing that has not changed is my LOVE of red lipstick :))

I let my hair grow back out for the next couple years.. By the time NYFW rolled around on September 12th, it had gotten so long!! 
Photo by Thomas Concordia/WireImage 2012
It was only a couple weeks later, but by the end of September I was ready for a change! I told myself I was just going to do it! Ahhhh Live Out Loud moment! This was right after with my NYC hairstylist Wing! I couldn't be happier with my decision! It is definitely a Girl thing. DJ Bluesteel likes but the girls love more.  

Have you guys ever changed your hairstyle even though you were scared to do it?? Would love to hear your stories :))

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