My tips: Home dip dye & tie-dying

December 7, 2012
So this past summer I played around with dip dying and tie-dying. It was so much fun! I took one of my old white Alice & Olivia dresses and made it have a blue dip dye effect at the bottom to cover the stains (lol!) and took a thrift store find white Steven Alan menswear button up and made it a red tie-dye all over print! It's a great way to update and make old things new again! This is also a great thing to do during the holidays for fun gifts. Instead of using your old clothes, go to a thrift store or somewhere that has inexpensive basics like H&M or Target and make a unique and one of a kind piece for your family or friends this holiday season! I am a big believer in that special touch this time of year. 

Follow these easy steps:

Supplies used: 
Rit dye, a small tub or other container for dye, salt, laundry detergent, a stick(or ruler) trash bags, rubber bands, rubber gloves, metal spoon, white garment (best in cotton, rayon, linen, silk or nylon)

1. Prepare dye: wearing rubber gloves, shake liquid dye bottle and measure 1/2 cup liquid dye or 1 box powder dye into a disposable container. Add 1 cup salt and 4 cups very hot water, stir well. 
2. Pour dye solution into a 3 gallon plastic bin or container. Add 2 gallons very hot water and squirt liquid detergent; stir well. 
3. Wet dress & top and squeeze excess water. 
4.  For the below I  tied rubber-bands in sections of the dress and button down in. I then soaked both in different lengths of time to create an ombre effect as seen below (timing I believe is where you can get creative and don't like to set exact time frames).
5. Hang dress and button down over night and next day get ready to rock.



  1. I love the dress that you tied dyed. It look as if it is denim.

  2. Thank you Odette. I agree I love how it has a denim feel too! Also did you check out my contest I am running. Hope to see your entry. xo Stacy