My Tips: to "keep warm" and "chic" as the weather gets cooler

December 17, 2012
Its that time of the year again when the temperature begins to drop and you need to start worrying about bundling up! I seriously cannot believe it is that time again. Where did 2012 go!?  This season is one that’s filled with layers upon layers and staying chic while keeping warm.

Here are some ways you can be warm and stylish at the same time...

1. Sweaters and knits! Sweaters and knits are both great “keep warm” items and layer super well- try wearing an oxford under a big sweater to create a more preppy look. This winter I've been practically living in my Ami Sweater. It’s warm and cozy and the pop of color will brighten up any dark winter day. For lounging around at home, the Classic Boy Meets Girl® Coco Hoodie is warm and when you get too warm, you can unzip and take off. The Cris Hoodie will also keep you warm and cozy and it's just as cute as the guy it's named after ;))

Get the look with some of these denim and button down alternatives: 

2. Tights, leggings and even denim underneath a dress or skirt with a great pair of boots. That also adds another layer to help keep you warm. Try Boy Meets Girl®'s  Baez Leggings or one of my all-time favorite looks as you can see in this photo below from my Fall 2011 NYFW Show with Natasha Bedingfield, wearing my boots with the Boy Meets Girl® patterned tights. I love the way leggings look with this Casey Dress like you saw on the runway below for NYFW. 

get the look with some of these other fun tights alternatives: 

3. Layers on Layers is my absolute favorite aspect of “keeping warm” in these chilly months. I also love wearing Boy Meets Girl® tees such as the Alice Tee and tanks underneath sweaters just in case I get too warm when I’m inside! I love this Jarina Keyhole Top because it fits and feels just like a sweatshirt so I can layer with different tops underneath to not only keep me warm, but to add a touch of my personal style.  

Also as seen below pair a short sleeve sweatshirt with a button down underneath to keep you warm :) You can tell I love this look!

4. A great jacket! It will keep you warm when the weather is chilly, and when you step inside it's an outfit in itself! The Boy Meets Girl®  faux-leather jacket collection introduced at New York Fashion Week will complete any oufit and look great with a warm scarf and any pair of boots. Add a warm sweater underneath the Jamie or Julie Jacket (named after two of my bff's) and you have the perfect amount of edge. You're ready for a night out on the town! You can also add a fun tee underneath the jackets, such as the Live Free Top and Many Hearts Tank, for a more casual look.. 
love these two different looks taken from our NYFW runway
5. Wear a statement necklace or layer several different necklaces under a great scarf. Instead of just wearing your scarf to keep you warm on your way to school/the office/errands etc make it a part of your outfit. Layer some chain necklaces (BoyGirl) like ours made with Swarovski crystals, underneath and above your scarf to add detail and excitement to the staple “keep warm” piece. You can even wear the "Bob" Collar Necklace that I designed with Jean& Merce underneath your scarf so you can rock it when the scarf comes off!

How do you stay warm and chic when it’s cold outside?? Share your tips here!


  1. I'm definitely a layering type of gal. From massive infinity scarves, to piles of sweaters, I use layering as a technique to stay chic and warm!