Behind the Seams: Prepping for NYFW

January 31, 2013
Here I am prepping with my team for another NYFW. How did we get from September to February so fast? As I am in the midst of the madness on my end I thought it would be nice to STOP and REFLECT on my past NYFW show I am not sure if I have shared with you in my past posts but I love reading magazines from the back to front. It is a odd right? But I love reading the horoscopes first and then topping it off with the fashion ads. So today I take you backwards on my journey from the ending of a show to the stages in between. See you very soon back on that runway :)

Below is the moment that I call the "dream". 
Below is the moment called "all hard work leads to happiness"
Below is the moment I call "yes I am tired but it all is paying sleep and we are pulling this off"
Below is what I call "my sketches for the run of show". 
Below is what I call "late nights doing seating charts in rare form"

Below is what happens during NYFW. I get a lot of visitors below "The Saturdays" and style them :)

Below is what I call "yes I am crazy". Somehow I squeezed in a photo-shoot with Fuzion Magazine during the same week as my show. How I am standing in these photos I have no idea

See you on the runway February 13th at 2pm! And look out on February 7th for my NYFW survival guide giveaway and chance to win 2 tickets to the Boy Meets Girl® #InvasionNYFW show with special live performance by Leah Labelle.

p.s. if you missed the show last year make sure to check it out here

what I wore: my fav Plaid shirt

January 30, 2013
When its cold outside I find myself grabbing for my cozy Plaid Shirt(lets call him/her "plaid"). You know I love to layer! So I through on my faux leather biker jacket(by Boy Meets Girl®) over the "plaid" and tucked in my "plaid" into my new corduroy skirt and then wrapped myself  with this suede layered blue suede belt and topped off the whole look with tights/socks and these hot Seychelles shoes(c/o of Seychelles).
Check out how to get a similar look below.

Who else is loving "plaid" shirts this season?

also check out my feature on how to wear PLAIDS here on Pose. Thanks for the coverage :)

Behind the Seams: Q&A with model Nora Sommerkamp

January 28, 2013
I'm so excited to introduce you guys to one of my favorite models Nora Sommerkamp. Nora has been in 4 (yes 4!!) of my runway shows and I'm thrilled that she's walking in my next one on Feb.13th! I discovered Nora a few years ago through an contest for my first NYFW show featuring the Neon Trees. Check out this video where I first saw Nora(this was featured on Stylelist). I cannot believe this was 3 years ago when owner of Explore Modeling Cristina De Hart and I joined forces back then on a revolutionary concept of casting girls via video! Its amazing to reflect on this moment and watch the video below from my first New York show. Nora has been a pleasure to work with and always comes in with a positive let's rock this attitude. I am grateful to work with models like this. Congrats to Nora for signing with Major Models this season! Learn more about Nora below.

You can keep up with Nora via...
     Facebook: here!
     Twitter: here!


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Picking a University!

January 24, 2013
I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer but when it came to picking a college, I knew that my workload couldn't only consist of drawing/sewing classes to get me on the right career path.. a lesson I learned early on from my mother a fellow entrepreneur ;)) Thanks mommy :)
That's me rocking my romper in the early days lol!

At the University of Wisconsin- Madison, I triple-majored in Design/Merchandising/Business. They had an amazing fashion design program, so combined with business and merchandising courses, I felt I had a solid foundation to begin building my brand, Boy Meets Girl®. 

In this blog post from last year, I referenced the classes I took. While in this post I am highlighting three important tips to help with this process along with a few examples of schools I've heard amazing things about from some friends and colleagues:

1. Go outside of your comfort zone and do your research! Look at schools that may explore different types of design than you’re used to. Or if there is a designer that inspires you, see if there are any universities/programs they may be affiliated with.

- University of Wisconsin- Madison (my alma mater)
    - Students learn traditional (sometimes ancient) techniques such as weaving, drawing, or printing and dying. They also use the latest digital technology as a central part of the creative process.

Left me, Right my models rocking my designs

    - Also you will see above photo I was involved in our fashion show program under the design program and not only had products I designed in the show learning how to cast and fit models but I was also in charge of the multimedia experience one year of the show. At that time it was before twitter/facebook/etc so incorporating live streaming components was new. I think learning many facets of what goes into a production of a show is key to success.
- Central Saint Martins (London, England): 
    - known to have great professors and even feature their student runway shows online
    - Notable alumni include Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Alexander McQueenall leaders in the fashion world!

-The American School in London
    - was affiliated with my Alma-Mater UofW and believe still is and FIT when I attended my junior year abroad.
    - incredible trend forecasting classes along with fashion show classes where I got to be part of helping designers during London Fashion Week.
    - Also strong internship program. I worked for the amazing Zandra Rhodes!

2. Look for a school located in a city that you could potentially have other opportunities outside of school. Interning or volunteering to get exposure to different roles within the fashion industry. This will help you build up a valuable list of contacts that will come in handy for future job hunting.

- New York City: FIT (lots of our Boy Meets Girl® interns come from here), Parsons

- Los Angeles: FIDM- Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

- Chicago: Columbia College
- Miami: Miami Art &  Design School
- London: Royal College of Art, where Zandra Rhodes is an Alum! One of my favorite experiences was working under her while studying in London. I learned so much!
-University of Wisconsin- while it might not be in a big city like NYC or Chicago it gave me the ability to find my career path through its incredible programs. So location is not always the key decision maker.

3. Look at what each school can offer YOU. Most schools, even the smaller ones have placed students in major fashion houses, commercial labels, and other fashion businesses. There are lots of small schools and big schools with great fashion programs so it important to see which environment will help you grow! 

4. Are you looking for a small environment or a big environment. For me I was looking for a school that not only focused on fashion but had a big football team. I wanted a school with spirit and camaraderie.  I believe to each is own on this answer.

I hope this was helpful advice! Always feel free to ask me questions related to understanding entrepreneurship in college!! Happy to share my experiences :))


Check out my feature today on How to Rock " The Coat"

January 22, 2013
Excited to share with you my latest post on
Read the post further here and let me know how you like it!

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Behind the Seams: My new GIRLS line!

January 17, 2013
I have super exciting news for you guys today.....drum roll please...I'm working on a GIRLS(5 to 16) line!! Ahhh! I did an exclusive for Bloomingdales as well as back in 2009 and celeb daughters like Kelly Ripa's daughter seen here on her show and magazines like People were all rocking and covering the Boy Meets GIRL girls line! I've been wanting to do one again since then and everyone has been asking me to bring the GIRLS line back so finally the time has come again! 
We did a photo shoot for the new line this past weekend and I wanted to give you guys a Behind the Seams with Stacy sneak peek! Take note of my model nieces Morgan and Sam! And adorable new models Sophie, Amariah & Caroline. How amazing are they? :) This shoot was a blast! I am excited for more to come and a special announcement coming soon ;) We will be uploading all the final shots and video next month :)

Also check out the new logo for this new GIRLS line

Are you as excited as I am???

p.s. That's me directing the models on set. I was having a lot of fun as you can see ;)
p.p.s. Thank you DJ Btween team and DJ Boy Meets Girl® team for working hard on getting the line together and the shoot together with me. Incredible team!

Midnight Inspirations: Fun hair accessories!

January 15, 2013
When I started working on my jewelry collaboration with indie company Jean and Merce I was obsessed with the unique feel each piece had. I knew I wanted to create something cool, that had a hippie and Joan Baez feel. When I think Joan Baez, beside her fabulous music I think about her long gorgeous hair. So I thought if I was creating with Joan in mind she would be cool enough to wear hair jewelry! It's become a huge trend with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lawrence and more wearing them on the red carpet. I found a few of my favorites available on including the one I designed with Jean and Merce. So dare to be different this new year and join me and these fun ladies in an updated style to head dressing :)

What hair accessories are you trying in 2013?   

Contest & Giveaways: Throwback Thursday to NYFW!

January 10, 2013
Hey guys! In honor of throwback Thursday and the launch of my scrumptous new blog I'm excited to bring you our 1st giveaway of 2013! Last September I brought you guys an exclusive look of my "Forever Young" NYFW show featuring a killer performance from Wyclef, Cris Cab and Jarina de Marco! Check out the video here! It was an unforgettable night! So today we're giving away a VIP gift bag from the show! The gift bag includes:
-A boy meets girl® tote bag
-A limited edition boy meet girl® Americana tank top
-A boy meets girl® x jimmy crystal cuff bracelet
-A pop phone
-Salon grafix samples- shine hair spray, deep conditioner
-And Wyclef book Purpose signed by Wyclef!

That's a HUGE value!! All you have to do is enter below! Giveaway will close next Tuesday! 

Good luck! And stay tuned for future NYFW fun for this Feburary! :))

Contest & Giveaways: Bloglovin, Boy Meets Girl, Lockerz Contest WINNER!

January 9, 2013

Reference past post on contest here

My Tips: How to make and KEEP your New Year's Resolutions all year long

January 8, 2013
Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe it's already 2013! I love starting a new year because everything seems fresh and new (including my new blog design! :)) ) One thing I like to try and do every year is write out my New Year's resolutions and goals I have for myself for the year. I wanted to share with you all some of my tips for writing your own New Year's resolutions and for actually keeping them ALL year long (which I am going to try my best to do too :))!


1. Make them realistic and attainable...don't start saying I wanna lose 25 pounds in a week! That's not possible! Say something like "I wanna treat my body better, and eat more veggies, drink more water, and be more active" This way you don't feel defeated and just give up all together

 2. Write them down! Don't just think them up in your head. Seeing them written down will make them feel more real or try using your smart phone notes to put them down! Commit to them!
 3. Create a plan! Set mini deadlines. If your goal is to learn how to cook, research what it's going to take and set a plan for what skills you need to achieve that resolution. For example you can't just start with making a 5 course meal if you've never cooked before, you need to have baby steps.

Here are my resolutions for 2013:
1. work out once during the week (treadmill or run outside) & once on the weekend (ideally weekend Physique57 or Core Fusion or Soul Cycle or Fly Wheel. i want to change it up with these type of classes that I love and commit to them)
2. prepare lunches on days I don't have lunch meetings
3. make sure Wyclef teaches me how to play guitar again (that is going to be a hard one but going to work hard on it lol!)

What are your resolutions for 2013?! Tell me in the comments!