Behind the Seams: Prepping for NYFW

January 31, 2013
Here I am prepping with my team for another NYFW. How did we get from September to February so fast? As I am in the midst of the madness on my end I thought it would be nice to STOP and REFLECT on my past NYFW show I am not sure if I have shared with you in my past posts but I love reading magazines from the back to front. It is a odd right? But I love reading the horoscopes first and then topping it off with the fashion ads. So today I take you backwards on my journey from the ending of a show to the stages in between. See you very soon back on that runway :)

Below is the moment that I call the "dream". 
Below is the moment called "all hard work leads to happiness"
Below is the moment I call "yes I am tired but it all is paying sleep and we are pulling this off"
Below is what I call "my sketches for the run of show". 
Below is what I call "late nights doing seating charts in rare form"

Below is what happens during NYFW. I get a lot of visitors below "The Saturdays" and style them :)

Below is what I call "yes I am crazy". Somehow I squeezed in a photo-shoot with Fuzion Magazine during the same week as my show. How I am standing in these photos I have no idea

See you on the runway February 13th at 2pm! And look out on February 7th for my NYFW survival guide giveaway and chance to win 2 tickets to the Boy Meets Girl® #InvasionNYFW show with special live performance by Leah Labelle.

p.s. if you missed the show last year make sure to check it out here


  1. Hey Stacy, the pictures look great! :)x

  2. Lovely pictures!


  3. I you are working hard, but you look like you guys are having fun too. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Bianca. The goal is to work hard but also have fun while doing it :) Life is short so we have to laugh along the way :) I will check your blog out after NYFW :)

  4. wow you look amazing!

    i have a give away on right now on the blog, take a look!

  5. Great pictures! And you look amazing

  6. Haha the second last photo is so funny!!

  7. Hi Stacy!
    I am so obsessed with the denim sherpa jacket above you have on one of the girls from The Saturdays. After searching for it everywhere online, I just cannot find it. Can you recommend a place where I would be able to get it? Thanks!

    P.S Boy Meets Girl rocks. You need to bring the line to retailers in SF :)