Behind the Seams: Prepping for NYFW

January 31, 2013
Here I am prepping with my team for another NYFW. How did we get from September to February so fast? As I am in the midst of the madness on my end I thought it would be nice to STOP and REFLECT on my past NYFW show I am not sure if I have shared with you in my past posts but I love reading magazines from the back to front. It is a odd right? But I love reading the horoscopes first and then topping it off with the fashion ads. So today I take you backwards on my journey from the ending of a show to the stages in between. See you very soon back on that runway :)

Below is the moment that I call the "dream". 
Below is the moment called "all hard work leads to happiness"
Below is the moment I call "yes I am tired but it all is paying sleep and we are pulling this off"
Below is what I call "my sketches for the run of show". 
Below is what I call "late nights doing seating charts in rare form"

Below is what happens during NYFW. I get a lot of visitors below "The Saturdays" and style them :)

Below is what I call "yes I am crazy". Somehow I squeezed in a photo-shoot with Fuzion Magazine during the same week as my show. How I am standing in these photos I have no idea

See you on the runway February 13th at 2pm! And look out on February 7th for my NYFW survival guide giveaway and chance to win 2 tickets to the Boy Meets Girl® #InvasionNYFW show with special live performance by Leah Labelle.

p.s. if you missed the show last year make sure to check it out here


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