what I wore: my fav Plaid shirt

January 30, 2013
When its cold outside I find myself grabbing for my cozy Plaid Shirt(lets call him/her "plaid"). You know I love to layer! So I through on my faux leather biker jacket(by Boy Meets Girl®) over the "plaid" and tucked in my "plaid" into my new corduroy skirt and then wrapped myself  with this suede layered blue suede belt and topped off the whole look with tights/socks and these hot Seychelles shoes(c/o of Seychelles).
Check out how to get a similar look below.

Who else is loving "plaid" shirts this season?

also check out my feature on how to wear PLAIDS here on Pose. Thanks for the coverage :)


  1. this made me miss my red plaid shirt, which I can't retrieve from our storage unit :( i love plaid shirts, they're the three C's: cool, comfy and cozy!