My tips: DIY creating a vintage nostalgic ring necklace!

March 1, 2013
A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my jewelry box and came across a bunch of old rings from my high school days, my grandma, my mom/dad and I am sure an old boyfriend. I realized I never wore these oldies but goodies anymore. I just couldn't throw them out! So I decided to turn them into a necklace! It was super easy to do! Here's how to make your own vintage necklace out of the rings of your past:

My Tips:
1. Find a plain necklace chain that is the length you want (or you could use a ribbon or string).

2. Take your old rings and just slide them on, and voila you got a fabulous new necklace!

You can put as many or as little as you want on the necklace!

Bonus tip: Don't be afraid to mix gold and silver (and bronze, stones, etc)!

How do you guys like to re-style old jewelry?


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