My tips: quick beauty routine on the go

March 28, 2013
I'm always on the go! Running from meetings to the office to an event, I don't stop! So I have to be able to quickly update my makeup look in between it all. These are some of my favorites I use on the go thanks to Sephora literally being around the corner from my new home :))

1. Kai Perfume Oil and  Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moister with SPF 30
2. Buxom Inside eye liner and Smashbox Hazel Eyes Palette
3. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder #01
4. Booty Parlour Kissaholic Lip Stain and Sephora Cream Lip Stain

My quick beauty routine tips:
1.  Always re-freshen yourself! It's been a long day and you need to revitalize yourself. I love to put a little Kai oil on to wake me up! Also I like to hydrate my skin with my Nars tinted moisturizer!
2. Touch up your eye make-up! Add a touch of eye shadow, re-freshen your eyeliner with Buxom inside eyeliner which I am completely in love with!
3. Give your face some color! A pseudo tan helps you look fresh and glowing! 
4. Top it off with a bit of lip color! This is the perfect way to elevate your look and take it from day to night!

 What beauty products are you obsessed with right now?

Midnight Inspirations: Family Passover Celebration

March 25, 2013
Happy Passover! And Happy Almost Easter :) In this past post from last year I told you all about my family tradition that my grandfather started when I was little. I love this photo below that symbolizes what Passover means to me. Family! I wasn't even born in the photo you see below. This Passover the table will not be full with all of us from all over the world like it has in the past. Life takes twists and turns and changes occur as we get older which is interesting as my grandfather mentions below. As I noted in my post from last year this has been "A beautiful tradition I cherish more and more as I get older." We are however having sedars this year in different parts of the world which is truly amazing too...from Israel, NYC, Chicago, Minnesota and Florida. 

"In the years to come there will bring many changes in world, in the country and most of all in us. This picture will be at a standstill of memories and will take us back to those wonderful glorious days of our family. Togetherness may we have many many more of those happy events."
How are you spending your Passover/Easter time with your family?

Behind the Seams: DreamDryBar for a Girl on the GO!

March 22, 2013
You all know I move a mile a minute. I got a moment to stop for 20 minutes yes 20 minutes when I got my sleek ponytail at DREAMDRY a few weeks ago for a dinner party I was attending. For a Girl on the GO this is a perfect stop on your travels. The decor was beautiful from the chevron black and white patterned floor to the red velvet couch(you know I love red)! I am in the midst of designing the interior of my new home and was so excited about all the details of DreamDry even down to the cards and logo. I believe in the power of branding and Founders Rachel Zoe and Robin Morates definitely are doing it right!

How it all works BTS....
1. Service was AMAZING. My hair stylist was all smiles and ready to make me sparkle.
2. I did the express service which is for a girl like me pressed for time. No water. No washing. Just a rocking updo!
3. You can choose from several different looks that are shown to you on an IPAD which you can see here. I wanted to go with a clean look for my dinner party so we took one of the ideas and enhanced it with a Stacy touch that was not shown on the Ipad photos. We wrapped my pony with a braid :).
4. Voila 15-20mins later I was done and ready to rock my sleek pony tail off to my dinner party and I did :)

To learn more about all DreamDry's services check it out here . My PONY costs $20. I think this is an amazing price for when you need a pick me up and need to look your best. Costs vary from what you select to do. I am excited to go back for a wash and scalp massage and of course select a new do :)

What hair style would you try at Dream Dry??

Behind the Seams Q&A with Cassandra Bankson

March 20, 2013
Today I am excited to bring you Cassandra Bankson. I met Cassandra after casting her for my Forever Young NYFW show last September via If you have been following my journey here or just stopping by since then, Cassandra has also walked in this past Invasion Collections NYFW for Boy Meets Girl® seen here! Right after Septembers NYFW, Cassandra and I created a campaign together called #LIVEOUTLOUD. You can see how it all formed here. It is truly amazing to see the growth of a project we created within 24 hours of meeting each other. Cassandra is an incredible spirit, hard-worker and a true UPSTANDER. Thank you Cassandra for being amazing to work with from modeling in Boy Meets Girl® shows to bring awareness to stand up to bullying with me. Learn more about Cassandra below.

Bystanders are silent. Upstanders LIVE OUT LOUD. 
The "Live Out Loud" Campaign Presented by Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl® and Cassandra Bankson supports the mission of the BullyBust Organization; to empower students and adults with the tools they need to reduce bullying, become upstanders and promote upstander behavior to others.
Our ongoing mission, with the support of the BullyBust Organization and the National School Climate Center, is to appoint and honor those who have stood up to bullying around the world. Our goal for 2013 is to continue to appoint Upstanders from each of the 50 United States and several International countries; by 2014 we plan to expand globally. Using social media and signature Boy Meets Girl® apparel, we seek to further the message that courage is a trend that never goes out of style.

 Connect with Cassandra online on her various social media platforms (click on the links):

what I wore: My New York Fashion Week show!

March 18, 2013

 The whole scope
The Rings
The Tights
The Side View & The Shoes
Up Close and Personal View
Photos via Thomas Concordia & Kevin B. Weinbold

Dress: custom collaboration with Kristina from Blue
Rings/Necklace: coming soon...

If you want to get my look by styling a tee over your dress like I did check out some of these fun dresses that can be used as the base for layering this look :)

How do you like what I wore to my NYFW show? 

Behind the Seams: ILP gala early bird tickets!

March 14, 2013

Kristen and I in 2009 after her beautiful speech. A moment I will never forget

Some of you have experienced this event in the past and have come out to support me and my dear friend Kristen Martinez when we were co-chairs together in 2008 & 2009. I have been on the committee since Kristen's passing and it is different not organizing everything with her. I miss her dearly. Kristen inspired me the first day I met her! We met at my first volunteer meeting for the YSC. I will never forget that moment or that day. When she told me she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 31 I was shocked and at that moment I knew I had to help 150% and became a co-chair that year. Kristen was full of love and courage and taught me that you must move on and enjoy every moment life has to offer.
This year it would mean the world to me to have you all be part of this In Living Pink GALA.

I promised myself I would continue to support and raise awareness on behalf of Kristen every day. MAKE YOUR MARK! INSPIRE CHANGE! LEAVE YOUR LEGACY!
Thank you all for your support. Please take a moment to support by making a donation or reserving a discounted early-bird ticket on Respond by March 30th and you will be listed in the evening’s journal as an early supporter!    OH its my birthday weekend too! SO we can have some cocktails and celebrate and shed some tears and dance and play at the casino and win prizes and laugh and live. xo

Early bird tickets are $170 (originally $195)! You can purchase tickets here!

It is a harsh fact that young women can and do get breast cancer and often face issues that differ from their older counterparts. Young Survival Coalition works to positively affect these critical issues by providing educational resources, support programs, and local services to over 200,000 women across the country. Through these efforts, young women are empowered and are not left to face breast cancer alone.  
In Living Pink, YSC’s signature fundraising event, raises vital awareness for the mission, as well as substantial funds for continuing its crucial programming.  Your participation in this event enables YSC to continue to be a light of hope during a very difficult time in a young woman’s life.
Let me know if anyone has questions. 
Excited to see everyone there! Thank you for your support!
For past posts on ILP and YSC check out here 

My tips: Hair Bows

March 12, 2013
I recently got a lesson on how to create a "Hair Bow" at my new Boy Meets GIRL® Girls line photo-shoot thanks to hair stylist Alexa QuirogaBelow is one of my muses (aka my niece Sam) getting the royal hair bow treatment  Thanks Alexa (@alexaQhair)!
You can pull off this BOW style too with the simple tips. 

What you will need c/o Alexa:
-Hair Ties
-Bobby Pins
1. Gather all of your hair towards the top of your head, and begin a ponytail with your hair tie
2. On the last pull through, don’t pull your hair all the way through and instead create a loop, leaving the end of your hair pointing toward your forehead.
3. Divide your loop into two halves
4. Gather the loose ends of your hair and fold it back through the space between the two looped halves, creating the center ‘knot’ part of the bow.
5. Fluff up your bow by spreading out the loops and gently tugging them tighter like you would cinch a ponytail tighter and voila!
                                          Below is Model Amariah rocking the Hair Bow too!
    Below with some of the GIRLS on the shoot rocking Hair BOWS!

Here's my no makeup on this day! I am definitely rocking this at my next event :)

What fun hair styles are you trying today. Do you like Hair Bows?

Midnight Inspirations: Meet our March Muse of the Month!

March 7, 2013
Introducing our March ‘13 Muse of the Month, Kristina!
Kristina is one of our favorite models! Not only do we love how she rocks Boy Meets Girl® on the runway, she is one of the sweetest people I've met in the industry and I always love working with her as her aura is amazing.  I first met her through a casting with and since then she has walked in four -- yes FOUR! --  of our NYFW shows, including this past runway show featuring the new Invasion Collections! Here are just some of the reasons we think she’s so amazing!

1.Name: Kristina Rivera

2. Favorite charity/cause to support and why?
 I do what I can with many causes I believe in from Hurricane Sandy relief to recently joining the Model Alliance but my favorite charity to support is the SPCA! My family and I have been supporting their cause for many years because pets aren't our whole life but they make our lives whole! Animals are therapeutic and filled with unconditional and that love should be reciprocated! Until animals learn how to speak, the SPCA is their voice.

3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® Item: 
my FAVE BMG item that I literally wear every single day for the last year are the crystal Boy and Girl pins..they act like a reminder for me to continue to pursue my dreams and there are many yes' to every no I hear and not to be discouraged because there are people like Stacy and brands like Boy Meets Girl that do believe in me.

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone! If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!


p.s. Follow Kristina on Twitter and Instagram!
Twitter: @kristinariveraa
Instagram: @krisvera