Behind the Seams: One of a Kind

April 15, 2013
I sold custom charm necklaces and made my first catalog at the age of 5 
I made my first skirt at the age of 7
I made my prom dress at the age of 15
I made "hippie chic" tops that I sold to girls on spring break and in brick & mortar stores in college
I created "ONE OF A KIND" tops and bags for my roommates and friends during and after college and sold them in stores all over NYC and had special fittings in my NYC apartment
I created clips for your gloves and sold them to my colleagues for holiday gifting
In 2001 Bergdorf Goodman bought my line for a 2002 delivery 
and I continued to ship Bergdorf's until 2005.
Well as some say the rest is History...

I am excited to bring you the #beoneofakind

 Definition: unique 

It's 2013 and I am bringing you back to my roots. I  have always had this dream and vision and this big idea. And the ideas for some turn into a business if they want it to and put the work into it. Sometimes the business of being creative can eat up your creative energy. I will not say the last decade has been easy but I will say I would not change it for the world and my creative brain is still running wild 24/7. So I dove into my vintage stash of Boy Meets Girl® designs and joined forces with my photographer BFF on the west coast Marc Mez to create this special #beoneofakind campaign on . For the next few months each Monday 4 One of a Kind shirts will be released! There is only one piece thus you will #beoneofakind :) Shirts are only $48 and you get an awesome eco-friendly tote with your purchase and a special note from me. I hope you are as excited as I am! 

Below is the first 4 shirts shot by Marc Mez and on one of my favorite models Faith Picozzi
 Boy Meets Wordy Girl

hXkUdx on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Thank you DJ team for being amazing and truly being #oneofakind

p.s. check out how the item comes shipped to you. We are sending you DIY twill ribbon and special treats in your package :)

How do you like to #beoneofakind?


  1. I am absolutely loving that black tank, it's so funny.