Midnight Inspirations: Meet our April Muse of the Month!

April 3, 2013
Introducing our April ‘13 Muse of the Month, Rhesa!

Love featuring Rhesa this month as the April Muse! Rhesa interned for me a few years ago and since then has been so gracious in helping me during NYFW backstage. Thank you Rhesa! Rhesa is full of life and love her spirit and positive energy. Learn more about her below.

1. Name: Rhesa Wilson

2. Favorite charity/cause to support and why?  
Susan G Comen For The Cure (Breast Cancer Awareness) - I think it's a great charity that not only helps raises awareness about breast cancer, but also send monetary donations to help find a cure for this disease. I even switched my bank card to the SGC debit card so that my bank will donate 10% of each purpose to this charity.

 3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® Item:
 The "Boy Meets Flawless Girl Tee" is my favorite because it exudes a sense of confidence for any girl wearing that tee. Also, it's super cute and adorable and goes great with a pair of jeans = perfect outfit for shopping!! :) 

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone! If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!


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