My Tips: Prom purse essentials!

April 17, 2013
It's prom season! Last year I showed you what I wore to prom my Senior Year here! I always reflect on my past and think this year I might have to throw a Prom Party for all of us not in HS anymore. Want to join!?  

Here are a few things you should keep in your prom clutch for those of you going to Prom this year! Have fun!!!
     1. Bobby Pins: No matter how much hairspray you put in that fantastic up do, a few hairs might fall out of place on the dance floor. Bobby pins will help you keep your hair looking in place all night!
     2. Debit Card: You never know when you might need a bit of cash. Always good to have on hand! Especially when you and your friends decide to make the limo stop for a late night snack after the dance! Oh and yes that is a customized Boy Meets Girl(R) creditcover below. You can make your own for you and your friends here or get your own in fancy styles that have. Love CreditCovers makes you stand out in that prom crowd.
     3. Band Aids: Lots of dancing+ high heels= painful feet! Keep band aids with you just in case your dancing and high heels cause some unwanted blisters! Big fan of the fashionable styles below and available here.
     4. Iphone: Perfect for instagramming the night away, and texting mom to let her know your having a great time!
     5. Lip Gloss: A girl always needs a touch of gloss! 
     6. Rollerball perfume: Keep yourself smelling fresh all night long!
     7. And of course the perfect clutch to hold all your goodies 

What are your musts to carry in your prom purse?


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