Midnight Inspirations: Birthday Bags!

May 20, 2013
I had a special weekend with my dad recently and we talked about my birthday coming up which is TODAY and my obsession to find the perfect Birthday Bag.  So we had a Father and Daughter day researching on the internet photos of amazing bags and of course I have to take you down the road of finding my Birthday Bag which was much harder then I thought it would be! Enjoy the bag journey :)

Do I want a shoulder bag? 
 Celine bags photo found on Tumblr 

Or is it a Coco?
  Chanel bag photo found on Tumblr

Nude is in!
   Celine bag photo found on Tumblr

Or Puppy in a Bag?
  photo found on Tumblr

or a BIRTHDAY BAG(find similar style here)!!! Thank you Dodi helping me with this blog and this very special Prada bag!
Also I wanted to thank Caravan Stylist Studio owner Claudine De Sola & Valerie for my special morning birthday primping. Nail Color: Zoya 

What bag would you have gone with?


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