Behind the Seams: Q&A with College Fashionista's Amy Levin

September 9, 2013
I love meeting new and incredibly talented entrepreneurs -- especially if they come from my home town, Chicago! Today I am excited to introduce you to Amy Levin, the founder of This summer, Amy and I got a chance to meet for lunch and talk about a wide range of topics including brand building, college life, Chicago nightlife,  and our fathers (we realized they must know each other as they are both in the same field… and we were right)! Amy built CollegeFashionista from her college dorm room! Pretty imprssive stuff. I love Amy's answer to my question, "What did you learn about the work force that you didn't know in college?" She said, "That failure is a good thing. Growing up we are constantly cautioned away from failure, and in business it's inevitable that you are going to fail. From every failure, my business has pushed along that much further. So failing and succeeding, failing and succeeding is a good thing." I couldn't agree more with Amy. We learn at least as much from what doesn't work as we do from what does! Find out more about Amy below!

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