I started blogging on 12/12/08, as my personal journal to share with you all my crazy life Behind the Seams™ of building my brand Boy Meets Girl®. Over the past 4 years it has evolved into more than just my journal entries. It now incorporates all facets of my life! From what I wore at events, QandA’s with my friends, Entrepreneurship 101, My Tips, my Midnight Inspirations (aka, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), My “how to rock” Features on Olivia Palermo, etc .
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Midnight inspirations: Meet our October Muse of the Month!

Introducing our October ‘13 Muse of the Month, Tierra!

Tierra has walked in three Boy Meets Girl® NYFW shows! I first discovered Tierra through an contest we did in 2012. You can see her video she posted to the casting here.
When I asked Tierra about how we met she said "One of my close friends who knew that one of my dreams was to walk in NYC for fashion week encouraged me to register and make an account. From there nearly my entire university helped by promoting my profile and voting daily. After the contest I was told I wasn't selected and as a result was incredibly discouraged. A few days after Cristina Dehart owner of Explore Modeling called and said that since one of the models couldn't come I would have the opportunity to walk. You can imagine my delight. I came up and met you and the team and the rest was history."  I never knew this story and could never imagine not working with Tierra these past three seasons!  Tierra recently moved to NYC to pursue a full time career in modeling and has goals to obtain a major beauty campaign and model internationally too! I have no doubt Tierra's dreams will come true. Learn more about this Muse below :)
1. Name: Tierra

2. Favorite charity/cause to support and why?

My favorite cause to support is education. As a graduate of Georgia State University and former employee of the Alonzo A Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence, I hold firm to the fact that excellent education changes and improves lives. Jumpstart for Young children is my favorite program to support and I feel everyone should take the time to work with youth to improve the future.

3. Favorite Boy Meets Girl® item and why!

My favorite Boy Meets Girl® items are my City Leggings and vented voyage hoodie. These items make the perfect fall outfit for running on go sees around the city. They offer comfort and chic style which makes them two of my favorite BMG pieces. 

Photos are shot by J.R. Yussuf (@photosbyjryussuf)

Who is your muse or the person who inspires you most? Could be anyone! If you would like to be considered for Boy Meets Girl®'s Muse of the Month see the rules here!


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