Midnight Inspirations: Vintage finds...Bib & Tuck!

October 29, 2013
Recently I shared with you a post here where Bib and Tuck featured me on their rock star site and on their blog. I promised I would be back with a tutorial on how the site works. So here I am. 
If you love vintage as much as me you have to check out Bib and Tuck

Here is the quick and dirty on how the site works:
1)create a profile and upload photos of clothes you might want to sell (the same clothes you might bring to INABuffalo Exchange or CrossRoads Trading Co. all which I love dearly too)
2) If someone buys your item you get bucks and then you can tuck! This means you can then use your virtual bucks to buy(aka Tuck) other items on the site from other bibbers like myself (you can see my vintage stash on sale here)! It quite genius as if you do this you never actually use real money :)
3)You also get ratings similar to Ebay.
Check out my rating below thanks Emilia for your kind words :)

Let me know if you sign up and how you like it. If you sign up via this post use my code: Stacy. 
Excited to hear what you think!


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