My Tips: How to update your manicure!

January 24, 2014

I love a good manicure, but unfortunately after a few weeks, what was once beautiful now looks chipped and grown out! But never fear I have a few simple tips for touching up your manicure and making it last a few weeks longer! Fist thing is to touch up those ends. If you have the same color, just brush over the chipped ends and make sure it blends into the original color. If you don't have the original color you can make a french tip on the end or do what we're going to do to the nail bed and you can also just trim them down as I did below! So now for that growth area! Take a nail polish color that compliments your current mani and brush out (see below). 
All you need to get this look:
1. gold nail polish
2. a fine tip applier, I like this one from Sephora here
3. And great outfit & accessories to go with the feeling: shirt & rings

How do you like this tip?


  1. What an excellent idea!! Thank you for sharing! :)