My Tips: Valentine's gifts for all!

February 7, 2014
Valentine's Day tends to be one of those holidays where I feel the love all over. So in those moments I like to think not only about that one person I love but all of the amazing people in my life.

Here are some tips on who to gift:
(I promise it will bring a smile to not only you but the one's you're gifting too!)

1. That amazing brother-in-law in your life who might just be in love with Bruce Springsteen!
brought to you by Rock Paper Photo!

2. Grandma/Grandpa Goodies
Made from organic winter wheat and malted barley. Purity Vodka will keep your Grandma and Grandpa loving life even more!

3. Sisterly Love (sisters and sister-in-laws)
All sisters need a little sparkly edge!
Boy Meets Girl® x Roman Luxe

3. Nieces and Nephews from that awesome Aunt (wink wink)
The Nieces can show their emotion status with these adorable Emoji Icons without being on any device! And the boys can play table football with their uncle on the go :)

4. Moms and Mother-in-law's that rock
Flirty Scarves always do the trick!

5. Dad's(Dodi's) and Father-in-law's that RULE
All that rule, rule in Cool Shades
6. BFF's
We all have a Earring Story!

7. Aunts and Uncles
MUG love

7. Co-workers
 quirky umbrellas will help cheer your co-workers up during these winter blues

8. Cousins
pretty calendar/organizer 

9. Yourself
Comfy cute shoes for shopping for all these presents :)))

10. And last but not least your main squeeze!
a getaway, a kiss, a romantic dinner, breakfast in bed....

 Who are you gifting this Valentine's Day?

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