Entrepreneurship: College advice from Lady Preneurs Vol. 2!

March 11, 2014
Welcome to Vol. 2 of “advice on college” from my amazing industry friends and rock star entrepreneurs. I love featuring these women as it is so helpful to hear what they think is important and how it helped them get to where they are today! 

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  1. Even though I'm about to graduate from college, this was really helpful! A lot of these women are doing what I want to be doing sometime in the near future, and it's reassuring to know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing (like interning for NPR).

  2. @Mo Olivas so glad to hear this post was helpful to you! Good for you! Keep doing what you love and getting experience in the area you know you want to be in. Keep me posted on your journey. xo

  3. I found this so helpful! I loved getting advice from girls that already out there living their dreams. It's encourages me to work hard and go after my own dreams. I want to work at a fashion magazine in the future (Hopefully, my favorite magazine Seventeen!). I'm definitely inspired to make the most out of my college experience!

  4. @Camille Nzengung I love hearing you found this post helpful. Also check out the previous one here http://www.stacyigel.com/2013/07/entrepreneurship-college-advice-from.html which also has great insight from industry leaders. Definitely go after what you want to do. As I say think.say.do. Seventeen I know has a great internship program so depending on where you are going to school maybe look into that and look into getting experience at your school magazine. Enjoy college and remember to also have fun while pursuing your dreams xo Stacy